Reviewing marble in Timor Leste

Adjunct Professor Barry Cooper left Adelaide Tuesday, 27th February 2018, and spent 6 six days in Timor Leste (=East Timor) reviewing grey/white banded marble deposits in the Hilimanu area 60km east of Dili and assessing marble use in Dili itself.

The aim was to examine the possibility of creating a new marble industry. Funded by the Timorese Government, the focus of attention was marble quarried and left by the Indonesians during the 1990s. Since independence, the Timorese have used the residual marble from this site around the famous “Cristo Rei” monument and in tombstones.

It has also been used to make luxury benchtops/tables, basins and ornamental pieces. This project is being assisted by geology students from UNTL (National University of East Timor).

Areas of study and research

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