Breaking EGS is a seminar series dedicated to the Environmental Stewardship strand of the School of NBE’s Research Centre and the students in Environmental and Geospatial Sciences (EGS!).  The Breaking EGS event of 9 March 2018 was very successful, with 50 people enjoying the three short presentations and the discussions over pizza. 

Two undergraduate student groups presented their research from the course Ecology.  

  • Mollie Pearson and Stuart Howell:  What is the differences in underground biomass of bridal creeper (Asparagus asparagoides) among three different vegetation communities at Cullen Reserve, Robe, South Australia.
  • Samantha Donnell, Eva Borges Pereira, and Alyse de Souza:  Is the number of Portuguese millipedes related to soil moisture at Cullen Reserve?

The presentations were followed by SA Museum guest speaker Mark Stevens’ talk on the biology and diversity of native bees in Fiji.  And it just happened to be Dress Fijian Day!

Areas of study and research

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