2017 NBE Achievements and Awards

NBE Staff Awards

Gunnar Keppel
Awarded an Alexander van Humboldt Research Fellowship and is working for a year at The University of Göttingen, Germany.

John Argue
Awarded the highly prestigious Honorary Fellowship from Engineers Australia

Pat James
Conferred with the title Honorary Research Associate with the South Australian Nature Foundation

Gunnar Keppel
Was invited to be a Member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Commission – Species

Tom Raimondo
Radio National Award for being one of Australia’s top 5 research communicators under 40.

Owen Brewster
10 year service award.

Jun Ahn and Nic Chileshe
Were selected as ASCE outstanding reviewers for the Journal of Management in Engineering.

Nic Chileshe
Won the 2017 Publon Award for coming 3rd in Australia for reviewing papers.

ITEE Awards

Nic Chileshe
Was awarded Highly Commended in the ITEE ‘Exceptional Research Training Supervisor’ award

David Ness
Won the ITEE ‘Adjunct Engagement’ award

Sithara Walpita Gamage
Won the ‘Innovative Contribution to Digital Learning’ Award

Danielle Gericke, Tim Golding and Ben Evans won the ‘Professional Staff Excellence’ Award and

Rob Aebi won the Highly Commended Award.

NBE Student Awards

Michael Dyer - Honours – Prestigious Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors Award

Bianco Amato – PhD – Wentworth Scholarship

Victoria Zawko – Honours – Playford Memorial Trust Scholarship & Young Endeavour Scholarship

Thomas Gilmore – Honours – Playford Memorial Trust Honours Scholarship

Sophie Min Thomson – Playford Memorial Trust/Hillgrove Resources Geospatial Science Scholarship

Chelsea Matthews – Keith Johinke University Medal

Areas of study and research

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