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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design, maintain and improve the infrastructure components and resources of our cities, towns and rural areas. They design, build and manage the components of this infrastructure, whilst taking into consideration any social, environmental and financial constraints.

The modern civil engineer understands and tries to minimise the possible impact of development on the natural environment and consults regularly with community representatives on community concerns. Civil engineers work in multi disciplinary team environments and therefore need to develop the ability to effectively communicate, manage people and resources

Construction Management

Modern construction is a complex, highly organised commercial business dealing with large capital investments, sophisticated construction techniques, highly skilled labour and real-time project information systems. Every construction project is different, with new challenges in planning, design, construction, commissioning and evolving project teams. This brings alternative ideas and fresh problems to solve. Rapid changes in technology continue to test the ingenuity and enterprise of estimators, project managers, contract administrators, schedulers and other experts in the field.

Environmental and Geospatial Science

In recent years there has been a growth interest in caring for the environment. The development of new government services, private business and community activities are indicative of this interest area. Our Environmental Science degree stands demonstrates our strong commitment to field studies and the way we integrate subjects such as ecology, soil science, geography, geospatial analysis, society and the environment.

The need to know every corner of the planet, to understand how environmental issues, population growth and natural disasters affect us all, has created a growing demand for Geospatial Scientists. These scientists gather, manage, analyse and present geospatial information for a huge range of application s and contribute to the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning systems (GPS).


Areas of study and research

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