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Water Resources Management

The Water Resource Management program provides a practical, masters level education in advanced water resources management and water resources principles and technology, with particular emphasis on the management of water infrastructure and water quality and treatment.

Research projects within the program may be undertaken with academic staff or in collaboration with research centres such as the SA Water Centre for Water Management and Reuse. Study options include:

Am I eligible?

The program is intended for professional engineers, scientists and postgraduate students from Australia and overseas who are seeking a sound foundation in water science and technology, and an ability to apply this knowledge to solve problems in hydrology and water resource management.

The Program is generally of particular interest to those working or planning to work in water resource management and development in government agencies, consulting firms or academic institutions. Students from developing countries are particularly welcome, and female applicants are encouraged to apply.

Career information

Are you interested in the world's most valuable resource?

Water is an essential environmental resource and one that needs to be properly managed. As the world places more emphasis on sustainable water supplies, the demand for expertise in hydrology and water resources continues to increase. For sustainable development of water resources, there will be a major increase in the demand for professionals in this field.

Areas of concern:

  • Water levels in reservoirs, lakes and rivers
  • Education of industry to reduce industrial waste to minimise damage to the environment
  • Treatment and recycling of stormwater and grey water
  • Development of wetlands in various areas
  • Funding for continual research to design, and develop processes and equipment to ensure high quality water for the future.

Employment opportunities

At the current time highly qualified water engineers and researchers are highly sought after to assist in solving problems both nationally and internationally in the most precious commodity - water.

Graduates from this postgraduate coursework degree can broaden their horizons by contacting the SA Water Centre for Water Management and Reuse and becoming involved in the various areas of research concerned with water resources.

The professional bodies associated with water both nationally and internationally recruit trained personnel to assist them in finding solutions to environmental problems and to research for the future to save this valuable commodity.

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Areas of study and research

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