Master of Surveying

Both South Australia and Australia are currently experiencing a critical shortage of land surveying graduates due to the retiring professional surveying population and an increase in development opportunities in the land, engineering and mining areas.

The University of South Australia offers a Master of Surveying which has been introduced to meet the high demand for land surveying graduates. It is designed to develop graduates who possess the theoretical background, professional ethics and practical skills necessary to undertake professional land surveying measurements and analysis. Our programs also include A Life Without Limits.

Considering a career in surveying?

Surveyors plan, direct and conduct survey work to determine and precisely position tracts of land, natural and constructed features and manage related information systems. A surveyors tasks include:

  • Determining the position of points of interest on the earth's surface, including the ocean bed and preparing the final product data in digital form;
  • Supervising the preparation of plans, maps, charts and drawings to give pictorial representations and managing automated information systems;
  • Undertaking research and development of surveying and other relevant systems;
  • Planning and designing land sub-division projects and negotiating details with local governments and other authorities and representative bodies;
  • Advising engineers, environmental and other scientists or other relevant professionals on the technical requirements of surveying, mapping and spatial information systems;
  • Supervising and coordinating the work of surveying associates and field assistants.


Areas of study and research

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