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Adjunct Academic staff

If staff homepages are unavailable please contact the NBE School Office.

School of Natural and Built Environments

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Associate Professor Greg Brown

Adjunct Dr Don Cameron

Adjunct Professor John Cann

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Roger Clay

Adjunct Associate Professor Justin Cole

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Barry Cooper

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Mohamed El Gawady

Adjunct Lecturer Mr Simon Emms

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Mr David Farwell

Emeritus Professor Stephen Hamnett

Adjunct Associate Professor Mr Brian Hayes

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Mr Alan Hutchings

Adjunct Associate Professor Jim Jago

Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Andrew Marshall

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Kevin Mills

Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Ralph McLaughlin

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Maheswaren Rohan

Adjunct Senior Lectuer Dr Mark Shelbourn

Adjunct Emeritus Professor Michael Taylor

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Sandra Taylor

Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Brenton Trenorden

Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Nikolaos Vogiatzis

Adjunct Lectuer Mr Stuart White

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Bob Wiltshire 


SA Water Centre for Water Management and Reuse

Adjunct Senior Reserach Fellow Dr Nesar Ahned

Adjunct Professor John Argue

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Lynn Brake

Adjunct Professor Don Bursill

Adjunct Dr Meng Chong

Adjunct Professor Chris Chow

Adjunct Associate Professor David Davey

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Mr Mike Dixon

Adjunct Associate Professor Ms Mary Drikas

Adjunct Associate Professor Jinming Duan

Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Ali Hassanli

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Lionel Ho

Adjunct Reserach Fellow Dr Fatemeh Kazemi

Adjunct Reserach Fellow Dr Wilson Lennard

Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Stanley McLeod

Adjunct Senior Reserach Fellow Dr Paul Monis

Adjunct Professor Dennis Mulcahy

Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Gayle Newcombe

Adjunct Senior Reserach Fellow Mr Peter Newland

Adjunct Senior Reserach Fellow Dr Con Pelekani

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Rino Trolio

Adjunct Professor Dongsheng Wang

Areas of study and research

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