Our Professional staff

Administrative Staff

Danielle Gericke
School Manager

Hayley West
Personal Assistant

Rhiannon Silverlock
Acting Team Leader: Academic Services

Kirsty Smeaton
Senior Academic Services Officer: Mawson Lakes

Neill Sanderson
Senior Academic Services Officer (Research): Mawson Lakes

Elizabeth Stevens
Acting Senior Academic Services Officer: Mawson Lakes

Claire Tozer
Academic Services Offier: City East

Samantha Colliver
Academic Services Officer: City East & Mawson Lakes

Janet Garland
Acting Academic Services Officer: City East

Anne Bigiolli
Administrative Officer: OUA

Courtney Mudge
Administrative Assistant: Mawson Lakes

Owen Brewster
Administrative Assistant: City East 

Jasmina Ustovic
Administrative Assistant: Mawson Lakes

Allison Price
Planetarium Coordinator: Mawson Lakes

Technical Staff

Tim Golding
Technical Services Manager

Michelle Plew
Technical Officer: Quality Coordinator

Robert Aebi
Technical Officer: Field Trip Coordinator

Craig Sweetman
Technical Officer: Mechanical 

Rohan Muscher
Technical Officer: Mechanical 

Shane Kakko
Technical Officer: Soils and Geology

Henry Senko
Technical Officer: Electrical 

Chris Rust
Technical Officer

Areas of study and research

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