Past Grants

Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants




Project Title


ARC Discovery

A Prof VV Ejov; Prof S Friedland; Dr N Litvak; Mr P Zograf

Graph isomorphism and quantisation of longest cycles by means of determinants and spectra


ARC Discovery

A Prof JW Boland; Prof JA Filar

Strategic integration of renewable energy systems into the electricity grid


ARC Discovery

Prof V Gaitsgory

Duality, singular perturbations and numerical analysis in infinite dimensional linear programming problems related to problems of control of nonlinear dynamical systems


ARC Discovery

Prof RG Horn; Prof SJ Miklavcic

Anomalous interfacial air bubble dynamics: the importance of electrokinetic effects in thin film drainage


ARC Discovery

Dr Z Lu, Prof J Chen

 A new look at modelling population heterogeneity in econometric study


ARC Discovery

Prof. Phil HowlettDr. John Boland, Prof. Nigel Bean, Prof Charles Pearce, Prof Simon Beecham and Dr. Andrew Metcalfe

 WaterLog A mathematical model to implement recommendations of The Wentworth Group


ARC Linkage-International (France Germany India USA)

Prof V Gaitsgory; Dr VV Ejov; Prof JA Filar; Prof PG Howlett; Prof CE Pearce; J Aubin; Dr KE Avrachenkov; Prof VS Borkar; Prof F Colonius; Prof P Dupuis; Dr H Frankowska; Em/Prof  Dr HJ Kushner; Prof M Quincampoix

Linear programming approach to nonlinear deterministic and stochastic control problems: perturbations methods and numerical analysis


ARC Linkage

Horn, R., Miklavcic, S., Mr AB Ozerov

Evaluating modern printing inks: the behaviour of charged particles in concentrated non-aqueous colloidal suspensions


ARC Discovery

 Filar, J.A.

Doubly Stochastic Matrices and the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem 


ARC Discovery

Prof PG Howlett; Prof CE Pearce; Dr KE Avrachenkov

A new perturbation method for solving singular operator equations with applications to complex systems


ARC Discovery

A/Prof A Torokhti; Prof S Friedland; Prof GH Golub; A/Prof I Yamada

New perspectives on computing methods for mathematical signal processing


ARC Discovery

Prof AD Abell; Prof R Grubbs; Dr AT Neffe; A/Prof IL Hudson

Mimicking peptide structure - towards an aqueous environment


ARC Discovery

Gaitsgory, V.

Occupational Measures Approach to Long Run Average and Singularly Perturbed Optimal Control Problem


ARC Discovery

Zen Lu

The Effects of Child Disability on Carers Labour Market Outcomes in Australia 

ARC Discovery Grant (2005-2007) Boland, J.W., Howlett, P.G., Metcalfe, A.V., Adamson, P.T.  Mathematical models for water management systems.

ARC Linkage Grant (2005-2007)  Howlett, P.G., Piantadosi, J.  A graphical simulation package for optimal management and risk assessment in urban stormwater harvesting systems.

ARC Linkage-International Grant (2005-2007) Ejov, V., Filar, J.A., Gaitsgory, V., Howlett, P.G., Pearce, C.E., and collaborators outside Australia Singular and Analytic Pertubations, Slow and Fast time scales in Control Theory and Viability Theory and their Applications.

ARC Discovery Grant (2004-2006) Ejov, V., Schmalz, G., Spiro, A. Normal forms and Chern-Moser connection in the study of Cauchy-Riemann Manifolds

ARC Discovery Grant. Project titled: “Multiscale Singularly Perturbed Control Systems” (2003-2005). Chief Investigator: V Gaitsgory.

ARC Discovery Grant. Project titled: "New Analytical Perspectives on the Algorithmic Complexity of the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem" (2003-2005) Investigators: J Filar, J Godnzion, P Zograf.

ARC Discovery Grant. Project titled: "Multiscale Singularly Perturbed Control Systems" (2003-2005) Investigators: V Gaitsgory

ARC Discovery Grant. Project titled: “Hamiltonicity; Nonconvex Optimisation and Spectral Properties” (2003-2005). Chief Investigator: J Filar.

ARC IREX Grant. Project titled: “Singular Perturbation in Markov Decision Processes and Mathematical Programming Problems” (2001-2003). Chief Investigator: V Gaitsgory.

ARC Large Grant. Project titled: “Asymptotic Analysis of Singularly Perturbed Mathematical Programs” (2000-2002). Chief Investigators: J Filar, V Gaitsgory and P Howlett.

ARC Strategic Partnerships with Industry – Research and Training (SPIRT) Grant. Project titled: “A Water Cycle Management System for a Major Urban Development at Mawson Lakes” (2000-2002). Chief Investigators: J Boland, P Howlett, J MacKay and D Mulcahy.

ARC Large Grant. Project titled: "Singular Perturbations of Controlled Markov Chains and Hybrid Systems II" (1999-2001). Chief Investigators: J Filar and V Gaitsgory.

Rail CRC (Cooperative Research Centre)

Rail CRC funds Theme 3: Optimal Traffic Control and Scheduling and consequently the four associated projects.

  • Development of an In-Cab Advice System for Improving Timekeeping and Reducing Energy Consumption on Long-Haul Trains;
  • Dynamic Rescheduling on Long-Haul Rail Networks;
  • Development of an Integrated Train Scheduling System for Rail Networks; and
  • Development of Decision Support Tools for Assessing Network Performance and Reliability.

Chief Investigators: P Howlett, D Panton, K White and M Taylor.

State Energy Research Advisory Council (SENRAC) Grants

Project titled: “A program for evaluating, regulating and monitoring of energy consumption in a major suburban housing development” (2000). Chief Investigators: J Boland and W Saman.

Project titled: “Construction of House Thermal Nomogram Software” (2002). Chief Investigator: J Boland.

Project titled: “Estimation of the Thermal Sensitivity of a Small House to Variations in Building Architectural and Behavioural Parameters” (2002). Chief Investigator: J Boland.

Grants from the Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund

Project titled: “Air Traffic Surveillance and Management” (1999-2002). Chief Investigators: J Filar and D McMichael.

Project titled: “Optimisation of Air Traffic Flows” (2002-2004). Chief Investigators: J Filar and D Panton.

Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Research Agreements

To investigate the techniques of aggregation of measures of performance within the context of network centric warfare (2000-2001). Chief Investigator: J Filar.

To investigate applicable cost-benefit methods for military systems (2001-2002). Chief Investigator: J Filar.

Other Grants

Grant from the Drug and Alcohol Council of South Australia. Project titled: “Dynamic Modelling of Drug User Populations” (2000-2002). Chief Investigators: J Filar and Y Kaya.

UniSA ACG Scheme, Project titled: "Identification and analysis of nonlinear phenomena" (2005) Investigators: A Torokhti., J Filar and I Yamada.

UniSA ACG Scheme, Project titled: "Modelling the labour supply for the carer of a child with a disability in Australia" (2005) Investigators: Z Lu and J Trogdon.

UniSA ACG Scheme, Project titled: "Nonlinear Transforms and their Application to Modelling of Dynamical Systems" (2004) Investigators: A Torokhti

2004-2006 UniSA Research Development Grant Howlett, P.G., Pearce, C. Optimal nonlinear transforms with variable structures and their application to mathematical signal processing

  • A number of Division of ITEE Interdisciplinary Research Grants.
  • A number of Collaborative Grants from the University of South Australia.
  • A number of ATN Small Grants.

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