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 Project Title

2012- 2014

ARC Discovery

Dr Lesley Ward, Duong, Prof Xuan Thinh; Pipher, Prof Jill C; Lacey, Prof Michael T

Approved Project Title Harmonic analysis: function spaces and singular integral operators


ARC Discovery

Filar, Prof Jerzy A; Gaitsgory, Prof Vladimir; Ejov, Dr Vladimir V; Avrachenkov, Dr Konstantin E; Borkar, Prof Vivek S; Murray, Prof Walter

Occupational measures, perturbations and complex deterministic systems


ARC Linkage

Dr Amie R AlbrechtProf Philip G Howlett, Dr Andrew V Metcalfe, Dr Peter J Pudney, Prof Roderick A Smith

Saving energy on trains - demonstration, evaluation, integration


ARC Linkage

Prof Simon C Beecham, Prof Lee R WhiteA/Prof John W BolandProf Philip G Howlett, Dr Yvonne M Stokes, Mr John M Wells

Paving the way: an experimental approach to the mathematical modelling and design of permeable pavements


ARC Discovery Indigenous Researcher Development

Lewis O'Brien, Dr Irene Watson, A/Prof John W Boland, Dr Suzi Hutchings

Indigenous knowledge: water sustainability and wild fire mitigation


ARC Linkage $300,000

A/Prof D Fornasiero, Prof S Grano, Prof W Skinner, Prof LR White, Dr M Zanin, Dr H Manouchehri, Prof L Leal, Prof A Pring

Collection of coarse, composite particles by bubbles in flotation


ARC Discovery

Dr D Losic; Prof LR White; Prof W Guo

Periodic nano ratchets: a new paradigm for biomolecule separation


ARC Discovery

Prof PG Howlett; Prof CE Pearce

Perturbation and approximation methods for linear operators with applications to train control, water resource management and evolution of physical systems


ARC Linkage

Prof WA Dawson; A/Prof JW Boland; A/Prof J Coveney; A/Prof PR Ward; Miss M Stasiak; Mr A Gray

Zeroing in on food waste: Measuring, understanding and reducing food waste

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