Alumni in Focus - Captain Grant Price, Emirates Airlines

Grant Price

Grant Price is a Graduate of the Bachelor of Aviation at the University of South Australia. He is now a Boeing 777 Captain for Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai and operating worldwide. “The role of an airline pilot has evolved over the years to become one of Managing many areas to achieve a safe and efficient outcome. You operate under severe time pressure and the standard of you and your team must be exceptional to achieve your goal day in, day out.”

While raw flying skills are important, Grant says you need more than just an ability to pilot an aircraft. “Being located at Parafield Airport the University of South Australia Flying Academy experiences weather conditions that are well suited to flying training. Adelaide’s climate means many fair days suitable for your initial flying training yet come winter your ability will be tested by more inclement weather. However the Bachelor of Aviation is for individuals looking at pursuing Aviation as a profession, and so you will be equipped with skills that will enable you to lead and motivate a team, manage threats and errors in your everyday operation and learn about your own performance and limitations. You will gain a rock solid foundation from many experienced people to build an exciting career.”

Areas of study and research

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