Scholarships and fee assistance


Find out more about the scholarships and fee assistance available for our programs.


Each year more than 2,500 students at the University of South Australia benefit from scholarships and grants worth millions of dollars. Not only do they provide financial assistance but they often include valuable work experience, mentoring opportunities and even overseas travel. Students in financial need, rural and isolated students, Indigenous students and high achievers are all eligible for scholarships and new ones are being added every day, so check the UniSA Scholarships website to find one that might suit you.

Fee Assistance

The cost of flight training in 2015 is $102,500. For this a student receives ground and flight instruction, aircraft time, and all associated landing and airways charges. This provides sufficient material to allow a student to pass and hold a private pilot licence, commercial pilot licence, and multi-engine command instrument rating. The fee is covered by FEE HELP if a student is an Australian citizen and hasn’t accessed FEE HELP for a previous program.

Note: Students will have to make provisions for external expenses not included in the course costs such as CASA licencing and exam fees, medical examinations, drug and alcohol assessment, uniforms, headsets, remedial training should a student fail a flight check, etc.

Areas of study and research

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