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Jenna La Dru

Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Nuclear Medicine)

A health student is…

Jenna La Dru

A person that inspires the best in others.

What do you love most about uni life?

The best part of uni life would be my friends. On my first day of uni I met a bunch of people and we just clicked - we’ve been great friends ever since.

How would you describe the vibe of City East campus?

The City East campus vibe is the best as most of the people attending are pursuing a career in health. They’re all open friendly people, sporty and all have an interest in the wellbeing of others.

As one of UniSA’s 2014 student ambassadors, what drove you to want to be a part of this program?

I wanted to give back to the University and help students in deciding what they want to study. When year 12 was coming to an end I was terrified because I was not sure what I wanted to study, until I met a student ambassador who helped me decide. I hope that I am able to return the favour to someone else.

What’s your number one study tip?

Read the course outline! All the lecturers say it all the time and it is actually really helpful as it tells you everything you need to know for the subject.

Alysha Anderson

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science, Bachelor of Pharmacy
with Honours

Alysha Anderson

What do you love most about uni life? (i.e. on campus events, peers)

The freedom to tailor my study to my own individual capacities, oh and the pub crawls!

Where’s your favourite place to spend your lunchtime on campus?

In summer I sit out in the sun next to the Caf and in winter I usually eat inside Aroma.

How have you found studying the double degree program and how do you think it will benefit you as a graduate?

The double degree program was the best decision I have made so far in my life journey. Although I have a deep passion for pharmacy practice and the quality use of medicines, pharmaceutical science has taught me not just about the industrial side of pharmacy but my confidence, collaboration skills and the ability to work in a team has excelled, as this is a large part of the course.

What are a health student’s five must have items to bring to uni?

Coffee, scientific calculator, multiple erasers, headphones and more coffee

What advice would you give to new health students about the transition to uni?

The workload is nothing like year 12 and if you want good grades you must really put in the time and effort. Work out a routine early. Find a good study spot and ways that can make study easier for you. Group study can be helpful and speaking about topics and questions out aloud can help most to grasp concepts.

It is very easy to make great friends at uni. Everyone is in the same situation as you and want to make connections.

Alex Jackson

Bachelor of Health Science

A health student is…

Alex Jackson

A health science student is someone who identifies opportunities and strives towards them. This is the attitude I have brought to my degree and it has served me very well in my studies at uni!

What’s been your best uni experience so far?

In 2014 I was awarded a $500 leadership grant, supporting my trip up to Queensland to attend a conference hosted by Connecting Up. This grant made it possible for me to attend this conference, which further increased my development as a leader, as well as my skills as a health science student. This is an opportunity I would otherwise have not been able to fund myself and therefore could not have benefited in the way I did.

What five words would you use to describe your uni experience so far?

Entertaining, engaging, great learning environment, opportunity, compelling

What should students bring to uni?

I believe two of the most important values you can bring with you to uni is commitment and passion. 

What advice would you give to new health students about the transition to uni?

One of the best things that you can do coming into university is to engage with as many new people as you can. Don’t be afraid to say hi and make new friends because it’s those people that you will be collaborating with for the next few years of your life at uni and potentially in your future career.

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