Bachelor of Pharmacy / Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

Meet Rebecca Tattingham

UniSA Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Science graduate, Pharmacist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital



While on placement I was able to practice applying my theoretical knowledge to real cases."


Rebecca is a Pharmacist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and plays a vital role in helping patients with their medications.

“As the population continues to age, there are more and more people with a number of medical conditions all requiring treatment. People are also increasingly having these conditions managed by a number of different doctors and specialists. Pharmacists are able to ensure that there are no interactions between these medicines and give patients valuable advice on managing their medications.”

Rebecca Tattingham

Rebecca really enjoyed chemistry and biology in high school and decided to double her opportunities by pairing studies in pharmaceutical science with pharmacy. Relocating from Darwin to pursue the double degree which is unique in Australia, Rebecca quickly realised the benefits an added year of study would offer.

“The double degree provides a broader range of knowledge about medications; from their discovery and development through to what information patients need to know about their medications. It also made me more aware of the vast array of career options I could pursue.”

Awarded SA/NT 2014 Pharmacy Student of the Year by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia was a highlight for Rebecca, as well as her final year 8-week placement at the Repatriation General Hospital.

“While on placement I was able to practice applying my theoretical knowledge to real cases. This also gave me a great insight into what a hospital pharmacist does on a daily basis. Shadowing an excellent clinical pharmacist and seeing what she did on a day to day basis cemented in my mind not only that I wanted to be a pharmacist, but that I wanted to be a clinical pharmacist.”

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