Science Careers

Guide to careers in Health, Nutrition and Pharmacy

Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Science

> Study SA’s only Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Science degree

> Learn in our new $247 million Cancer Research Institute building

> Build industry connections through placements or industry projects

Rebecca Tattingham
Meet Rebecca Tattingham

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

UniSA Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Science graduate

Medical Science

> Prepare for a career in diagnostic pathology,biotechnology, forensics or research

> Undertake research projects with our Cancer Research Institute or the Centre for Cancer Biology

> Choose to study electives at the Australian National University in Canberra

> Learn in purpose-built laboratorieson campus

Chelsea Thomas
Meet Chelsea Thomas

Research Assistant
Sansom Institute for Health Research

UniSA Medical Science graduate

Laboratory Medicine

> Study the only degree in SA fully accredited by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists

> Gain industry experience in a clinical setting

> Learn in purpose-built laboratories on campus

> Graduate with a dedicated honours degree and the skills needed to work as an accredited medical scientist

Mike Attwell
Meet Mike Attwell

Medical Scientist
Genetics and Molecular Pathology, SA Pathology

UniSA Laboratory Medicine graduate

Nutrition and Food Science

> Learn in a dedicated nutrition and food sciences hub on campus

> Enjoy strong links with the food industry and community with field trips to major nutrition and food providers

> Choose to study a double degree with Human Movement or Exercise and Sport Science

Scott Woollett
Meet Scott Woollett

Microbiology Specialist
Lion Australia and New Zealand

UniSA Nutrition and Food Science graduate

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