Centre for Population Health Research

Population Health Research to inform Policy and Practice

Centre for Population Health Research

The Centre for Population Health Research (CPHR) is a newly created University of South Australia flagship research concentration in Population Health located at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, incorporating a group of leading scientists in epidemiology, public health and biostatistics.  CPHR focuses not only in making scientific discoveries, but also in influencing public health policies and health care practices.  With extensive local and international collaborations, the CPHR is positioned at the cutting edge of research discovery and method development in epidemiology and population health.

A key focus of the CPHR is in training research professionals in study design and the analysis of complex population-based data to inform health and social policy.  Postgraduate opportunities affiliated with the Centre include a Graduate Certificate in Population Health Practice, Masters of Research (Population Health Practice) and PhD degree programs.  The CPHR has 68 members, including nine professors and two associate professors, with multidisciplinary supervisory teams, based on the training requirements of each aspiring research scientist.  CPHR is part of the School of Health Sciences, with the ability to link with a range of other health sciences within the University.

The Centre for Population Health comprises the following research groups:


Biostatistics research group

Associate Professor Theo Niyonsenga
Focusing on areas of biostatistics including power analysis and sample size determination, multivariate data analysis methods, and longitudinal data analysis and spatial statistics with applications to spatial epidemiology.

Cancer Epidemiology research group

Cancer Epidemiology research group

Professor David Roder
Producing and translating research evidence to improve cancer patient outcomes and to inform on how best to deliver care from cancer-related health services.


Health Economics and Social Policy

Health Economics and Social Policy group

Professor Leonie Segal
Exploring how to effectively allocate resources to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

Nutritional and Genetic Epidemiology

Nutritional and Genetic Epidemiology Research Group

Professor Elina Hyppönen
Utilising tools from observational and genetic epidemiology to investigate the role of nutrition in public health, with a strong focus on method development.

Patient Safety

Patient Safety research group

Professor Bill Runciman
Measuring, at a population level, how often inappropriate care is given and what is going wrong, and developing ways to ensure patients get, and health care professionals offer, care that is in-line with latest best practice.

Public Health

Public Health research group

Professor Robyn McDermott &
Professor Kerin O'Dea

Discovering how different social, behavioural and system-level factors influence health and identifying innovative ways to prevent illness and optimise wellbeing.

Social Epidemiology and Evaluation

Spatial Epidemiology and Evaluation research group

Professor Mark Daniel
Researching interventions which support changing community environments to enable people, individually and collectively, to optimise their potential and quality of life.

Areas of study and research

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