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The Division of Health Sciences offers a dynamic research environment across biomedical, pharmaceutical, clinical, population health, and health policy and practice investigations.


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Research in School

The School of Pharmacy and Medical Science at UniSA has a strong record of research across a range of health and biomedical sciences.  This is underpinned by state of the art laboratory facilities on the City East Campus and participation in the Sansom Institute for Health Research, the University of South Australia’s health and biomedical research concentration.

Researchers in the School are internationally recognised and have successful records in attracting funding from competitive grants and from contract research with industry and government.

Research and Postgraduate Opportunities

Research concentrations within the
School of Pharmacy and Medical Science

Bone Growth and Repair

Bone Growth and Repair

Exploring the mechanisms and regulation of children's bone growth and bone growth defects to develop biological treatments.

Centre for Drug Discovery and Development

Centre for Drug Discovery and Development

Professor Shudong Wang
Dedicated towards the discovery and development of new drugs for a range of therapeutic applications, particularly cancer.


Early Origins of Adult Health research group

Early Origins of Adult Health

Determining how events before birth have an impact on health later in life.


Epilepsy research group

Genetics and Genomics

By studying the patterns of inheritance of a particular disease trait/phenotype we are able to identify which gene, or genes, are responsible for causing the disease.


Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory

Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory

Aiming to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment by exploring novel immunotherapeutic approaches to treat cancer and other chronic and acute infections.


Infectious Diseases and Microbiology research group


Conducting important research aimed at addressing a variety of biological challenges affecting human and animal health.


Molecular and Evolutionary Physiology of the Lung

Molecular and Evolutionary Physiology of the Lung

Offering a range of innovations in health, from better care for premature babies and their mothers and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.


Mechanisms in Cell Biology and Diseases research group

Mechanisms in Cell Biology and Diseases

Focussing on medical research relating to the endocytic network (endosomes and lysosomes) and its critical role in cell function.


Healthy Environments, Healthy People

Healthy Environments, Healthy People

Aiming to improve the health of people and places by studying the interaction between the environment and human health.


Neuroscience research concentration


Using brain health as a common point, our researchers are investigating across a range of populations from people with chronic pain through to suicide prevention and rehabilitation after neurotrauma, neurodegeneration or drug use. 

Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre

Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre

Professor Libby Roughead
Researching medication safety to identify the extent of problems with medicine use in Australia and successful strategies for improving medicine use.


Centre for Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development

Centre for Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development

Professor Sanjay Garg
The centre is a unique collaboration with a mission to achieve excellence in translational research and training involving drug development and delivery.


Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical Science research group

Drug Therapeutics

From identifying better medicines for angina and infection, to developing safer treatments for psoriasis and skin cancer, the Drug Therapeutics research portfolio is involved in a wide range of projects aimed at treating disease and optimising health.


Drugs of Dependence research group

Drugs of Dependence

Professor Jason White
Looking at the consequences of the long-term use of drugs of dependence and developing innovative strategies to treat pain and stop addiction.


Areas of study and research

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