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The Year 12 Science Booster

This two day program, held in the April school holidays, aims to motivate and support students to maximize their performance in SACE Stage 2 Chemistry and Physics. It seeks to:

  • motivate and inspire students
  • explore study pathways
  • reinforce Year 12 Physics and Chemistry studies through experiential learning

Sessions include laboratory practice for summative assessments, learning/study methods, exam preparation and career information. Students also have the opportunity to work closely with academic staff who are experts in the fields of physics and chemistry. The program is free for year 12 students.

For further information, please see here

Clinical Placements

If you are doing a placement, information on First Aid, Immunisation, Police Checks and more, please visit the Clinical Placement Unit homepage.

Student Registration

Students studying some programs have Student Registration requirements under national legislation governing registration in health professions. Further information can be found here.

Golden Key Tutoring Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to provide students with one on one tutoring in order to aid their understanding of course material, mainly in core health courses.

For more info please visit the Division website

HDR Travel Grant

Having the opportunity to present research findings at national and international conferences is actively encouraged by the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences. This grant is one you can apply for, if you intend to present your research findings at a conference, during your HDR candidature.

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Areas of study and research

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