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Cancer research

Our researchers are dedicated to the cause of controlling cancer and its effects. Research extends from discovering and developing new drugs, novel treatments and methods of detection and diagnosis, to improving prevention, screening, treatment and supportive care strategies. This is based on evidence which supports best practice, and consideration of the wider impact of cancer not only on the individual, but the community which surrounds and supports them.

Cancer research


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Mahmoud Bassal

Mahmoud Bassal

“In cancer research, you are always trying to push the field forward by asking: how can I build on what has been found so far and answer a question no one else has?

Every day brings new challenges. Sometimes you succeed in meeting those challenges, sometimes not. When you don’t it’s a learning experience to become better. You learn to be more thorough in your work, to analyse the problem that bit more before acting. When you get everything right, you are rewarded with finding something new that no one else in the world has found before. What can I say, some people are adrenaline junkies, others are discovery junkies.

My research project at UniSA is studying Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). In particular I’m studying how the leukaemia cells produce energy and how this is different to normal cells, in the hope that we can identify something unique to the leukaemic cells that we can then target therapeutically.”


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