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Find out more about the Neuroscience and Mental Health research currently being undertaken at the University of South Australia.

Neuroscience and Mental Health

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Neuroscience & Mental Health research

Using brain health as a common point, our researchers are investigating across a range of populations from people with chronic pain through to suicide prevention and rehabilitation after neurotrauma, neurodegeneration or drug use. Again, the emphasis is on translation of discoveries in mechanisms and pathways through to the clinical and community settings.

Neuroscience and Mental Health research


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Kate Deuter

Kate Deuter

“I think I actually found my niche during my undergraduate studies but didn’t realise it at the time. Back then I was already developing a curiosity about research.

Further study really secured for me that this was what I was supposed to be doing and also gave me the confidence that I could do it well.

UniSA has provided me with an opportunity to foster my interests in mental health with a specific focus on suicide in older people. Because much of my work involves listening to and interpreting older people’s stories, I’m exposed to a rich and diverse range of experiences.

It is my hope that providing opportunities for older people to tell their stories gives them agency. I see it as a privilege to share other people’s reality.”


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