Engaged PhD Pathways

Each pathway includes essential components to be completed during Stages 2 and 3; selected from a range of options.

Academic Pathway

  • A master class on teaching methodology
  • An analytical methodologies MOOC
  • The Tutoring@UniSA workshop
  • The opportunity for paid teaching for two study periods or semesters
  • Pieces of reflective and thinking work developed in conjunction with academic or peer mentors that support a teaching performance portfolio.

Governance and Policy Pathway

  • An Ethics and Governance or Policy Development MOOC
  • The LEAP module on Public Policy
  • A private, government or University work or community engagement experience
  • A portfolio.

Global Outlook Pathway

  • A MOOC or UniSA course on Globalisation or Politics
  • A networking master class
  • The LEAP module on Global Sustainability
  • An international visit; or work experience with a non-government organisation or community group
  • A portfolio.

Research Enterprise Pathway

  • A MOOC on Entrepreneurial Commercialisation
  • A LEAP module on Entrepreneurship or Research Commercialisation
  • A masterclass on Entrepreneurial Commercialisation
  • Industry or University work experience
  • A portfolio.

Clinical Practitioner Research Pathway

  • Masterclasses on critical tools and approaches in practitioner research e.g. systematic
  • Reviews, clinical audit, e-health recording, and evidence-based practice
  • Work experience or a community engagement activity with a clinical mentor
  • A portfolio that includes reflective and evaluation component.

Participation in this pathway will be restricted to students with a clinical background who wish to incorporate research into clinical practice.

Want to participate in activities from more than one pathway?

An option for ‘blended’ pathways exists – in consultation with their supervisors, the Dean: Research Education and the Division of Health Sciences Research Office, students can choose to blend pathways to suit their interests and career goals. This may result in participating in training options from more than one pathway. All students, whether undertaking a single or blended pathway, will need to complete the core requirements of Stage 1-2 workshops; coursework; masterclasses; work experience or community engagement; and a portfolio.

Areas of study and research

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