Engaged PhD

Engaged PhD

The Engaged PhD program allows PhD candidates to develop transferable career skills that complement their research experience and enhance their global capability.

With the nature of the PhD changing globally, students will be expected to demonstrate career-specific capabilities upon graduation. The Engaged PhD allows you to emerge from your program ready to launch your career.

To complement and support the PhD research, students will progress through the Engaged PhD, undertaking skill development workshops and masterclasses aligned to your interests.

All PhD candidates who commence in the Division of Health Sciences at UniSA are enrolled in the program.

Stage 1 Undertake a series of core activities culminating in selection of a career-specific pathway which will become the focus for the program.

Stage 2 Develop skills aligned to the pathway choice and receive support from a personal mentor to guide students through the program.

Stage 3 Complete external pathway-specific experience and develop a portfolio to capture the Engaged PhD experience.

Upon completion, students graduate with career-specific skills, experience and engagement opportunities. Students will develop a portfolio describing these experiences and capabilities which can be incorporated into the submitted PhD thesis as evidence of an extended training experience, as well as into a curriculum vitae to show prospective employers.


Skill development
Pathway selection


Pathway training


Pathway experience
Portfolio development

Areas of study and research

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