Jumpstart your Science and Online Learning in Nursing Workshop

5 – 15 February 2018 online

This Jumpstart online workshop is designed to smooth the transition into your UniSA studies, and is tailored for both internal and external nursing and midwifery students.

Through a range of effective online learning strategies and resources, Jumpstart will give you a head start on some of the foundation knowledge you can anticipate at the beginning of your nursing or midwifery degree. You will also build online navigation skills, gain practical study advice, and receive “one-on-one” student / tutor guidance.

The online workshop offers flexible study options, so you can fit study around your life and other work commitments. You participate in as much or as little of these days as suits your needs, including evenings and weekends, with 24/7 access to individualised support.

Students who participated in the 2017 Jumpstart workshop had a 100% pass rate for the Human Body 1 (BIOL 1047) course. Additionally, 100% of students participating in the Jumpstart Academic Writing Skills activities successfully passed all written assessments in three major courses; Global and National Health (NURS1036), Mental Health (HLTH1037),and  Professional Practice N (NURS1044).

Workshop details:

Dates: Monday 5 - Thursday 15 February 2018.
Cost: $250
Who: Nursing and midwifery students only, with limited spaces available

Download the Workshop timetable

General enquiries: phone Jackie (08) 8302 2048
For further information: jackie.oflaherty@unisa.edu.au

“A great course that was easy to understand. I am amazed how much I learned in such a short time. This course is a great investment to kick the nerves and give you a good basic idea of what to expect and of the sciences before starting your degree.”

Angie Sugden, Bachelor of Nursing

“This is the best possible way to start online learning. Way above what I expected. Good value for money and time.”

Stephen Ibiwoye, Bachelor of Nursing

“This course really gave me a kickstart back into not only university but online learning. Not having studied in over 17 years, this has given me the confidence to use the Learn Online site, participate in virtual classrooms, student forums, as well as brushed up on my science knowledge.”

Cindy Gore, Bachelor of Nursing

Jumpstart workshop content

The online Jumpstart preparatory workshop consists of four self-paced modules comprising videoed lectures and activities to introduce basic scientific ideas that will feature in your degree.

The workshop will also introduce you to the Universities Learnonline management system-Moodle. Regardless of your mode of enrolment, be it on campus or off campus, all our UniSA nursing and midwifery courses use this online learning system. This workshop will help you navigate a typical Moodle course website and familiarise you with its features and online jargon.

Topics covered include:

  • Orientation to the UniSA online learning management system Moodle, used by all UniSA nursing and midwifery courses
  • How to participate in online discussion forums and online tutorials “virtual classrooms”
  • Study skills for all modes of enrolment-on campus and off campus
  • An introduction to academic writing and opportunities to practice these skills
  • Human body organisation and the concept of homeostasis
  • Medical and anatomical terminology and online jargon
  • Essential human anatomy and physiological concepts: relevant biology / chemistry / physics that underpins your health science courses
  • Basic Drug calculations
  • Cells and tissues- This topic is introduced using a new style of teaching and learning at UniSA called the "flipped" learning approach. If you would like to learn more about this new style then please read Jackie’s (Jumpstart workshop developer and coordinator) journal article “O’Flaherty: The Flipped classroom”
  • Human body systems-how they interact with one another

You interact as much or as little with the online resources as you need and work through the modules any time that suits you over the 11 days the workshop is open-day, evening and/or weekends. You do not need to spend the full 11 days studying/participating in this workshop.

The workshop is designed to be self- paced to suit your own individual needs-so you can skip some sections and spend more time on those that are new or more challenging. For example, you may decide you only want to spend an evening or two, or just the weekend on the modules if you are working or have family commitments.

A staff member will be available from 9am until late during the workshop (including days, evenings and weekends) to answer any queries you have as you work through the modules. When you enrol you will be given access to the workshop website. 

You also have the option of meeting fellow workshop students and staff in person at an informal on campus get together during Orientation week.

Workshop learning outcomes

  • Learn important assumed and foundational knowledge that underpins both first and second year of your nursing and midwifery degree
  • Gain confidence in approaching Anatomy and Physiology subjects
  • Experience online lectures and online tutorials (virtual classrooms)
  • “Meet” and make acquaintances with fellow nursing and midwifery students online prior to beginning the degree; Interact with a key course coordinator of first year nursing and midwifery subjects
  • Experience a new style of learning in a “flipped” class
  • Learn how to present and format academic writing and how to use the Harvard referencing system
  • Develop time management strategies
  • Understand the expectations and challenges of e-learning (online studies)
  • Understand basic navigation of a learning management system (UniSA Learnonline Moodle)
  • Understand what is required for “success” at  first year level university study and how this understanding dovetails with your personal expectations and notions of achievement

Workshop delivery

Instructional Methods

  • Discussion Forum/Discussion board
  • Embedded Multimedia
  • Online quizzes/Tests
  • Standard media
  • Streamlining multimedia
  • Web links
  • Podcasting/Lecture capture
  • Virtual classrooms via Adobe connect Audio/video conferencing

Online materials

  • Printable format materials
  • Quizzes
  • Audio/video streaming
  • Resources and Links
  • Simulations

Fee information

Fee: $250

General enquiries: phone Jackie on (08) 8302 2048
For further information email: Jackie.oflaherty@unisa.edu.au


Deadline for registration: Friday 2 February 2018. Late registrations will only be accepted if there are places left in the workshop. To register you can either:

  1. Register online  OR
  2. Complete the registration form attached to the email/pamphlet or download the form (PDF, 42kb). You can return the registration form in one of the following ways:
  • Email your form to jackie.oflaherty@unisa.edu.au (preferred method) 
  • Deliver in person to the Campus Central office, Level 3, Playford Building, City East campus
  • Post to the cashier, Campus Central, GPO Box 2471, Adelaide SA 5001
  • Fax to 08 8302 2389 and mark the fax Attention Jackie O’Flaherty

Download the Workshop timetable

Please note: This workshop has limited places in order to optimise your learning opportunities and receive personalised feedback on your progress. 


For anyone tentative about online/external studies, returning to education and learning - I highly recommended this workshop.” Kobi Williams, Bachelor of Nursing

“Well worth the investment, especially if you have been away from formal study for some time. A great intro to external Uni study”. Narelle Yard, Bachelor of Midwifery

 “I would highly recommend the Online Jumpstart Course! I feel I have a strong foundation on which to start my studies and academic writing, as many of my anxieties have been eased by taking part in this course.” Kate Cardone, Bachelor of Midwifery

“The breakdown of Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology is fantastic and very reassuring heading into Human Body 1. I found the Virtual Classroom amazingly helpful as it helps you to see other students take part and that you are learning at the same pace. Worth every dollar.” Carla Robinson, Bachelor of Nursing

“I found this an excellent workshop to do before starting the Degree in Nursing. I would recommend this to anyone starting nursing. Plenty of help by the facilitator and a very supportive environment. Gained a much needed insight into the structure of the UNISA website and how to work my way around before the nursing course opens.” Tim Henderson, Bachelor of Nursing

“Having not studied for over 10 years I felt I needed to learn about learning in the online world, something that I had never really been exposed to. Doing the JumpStart workshop gave me the confidence to start my degree and the knowledge of how to learn online.” Roisin Kerins, Bachelor of Nursing

“I enjoyed every second of JumpStart, and honestly it didn’t feel like I was in a “schooling” or “lecture-like” environment, but just a fun and constructive workshop with a very kind and helpful “mentor”. Amelia Butler, Bachelor of Nursing

“Jumpstart is suited to those external and internal nursing and midwifery students who would like to refresh their science and human body knowledge. It really gets you in the groove of studying again!” Renee Smirnios, Bachelor of Midwifery

“I completed year 12 without any science background -this workshop taught me a lot of essential points that I need with my nursing studies. The lecturer (Jackie) is excellent when it comes to explanations and elaborating on topics, especially when students are asking questions.” Isabel Woodford, Bachelor of Nursing

“I was highly impressed with the virtual classrooms as it felt just like you were sitting in the lecture and was very user friendly! Highly recommend!” Kate McDonald, Bachelor of Nursing

“I had absolutely no idea about any science subject what so ever, but now I have the basic knowledge to feel confident to start HB1. I feel as if I suffer no disadvantage for not attending as an internal student and confident in the inclusive environment external study still provides.” Carla Prosser, Bachelor of Nursing

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is this workshop compulsory?
  2. Who should attend this workshop?
  3. I have done year 12 Biology. Is it still useful to enrol in this workshop?
  4. Do I have to do this workshop all by myself?
  5. How long do I spend on each module?
  6. What is a virtual classroom?
  7. Are there opportunities to work with fellow students and students who will be undertaking the same program as me?
  8. Is there an exam at the end of the workshop?
  9. Do you provide notes?
  10. Do I need to buy a textbook for this workshop?
  11. Do I receive a notification about my enrolment confirmation?
  12. Do I receive the receipt for the payment by email?
  13. After enrolling for the workshop, if I am not able to attend, will I get my money back?
  14. Who should I contact for more information?

  1. Is this workshop compulsory?
    No, the workshop is optional.  
  2. Who should attend this workshop?
    You are likely to benefit most if you are:
    • An on campus, local off campus, distance or regional external, nursing or midwifery student
    • a school leaver and have not studied science subjects in Year 11-12
    • a mature-age student
    • anxious about studying using the UniSA online learning system
    • anxious about studying science subjects or haven't studied sciences for a long time
    • would like the opportunity to revise your existing science knowledge
    • an international student
    • entering University as a second year nursing or midwifery student
  3. I have done Year 12 Biology. Is it still useful to enrol in this workshop?
    Students who have not done science subjects in Year 12 or have not studied for a long period of time benefit most. However, others also find it beneficial revision, as this course material relates and integrates to Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Pathophysiology (disease process).
    It also familiarises you with the UniSA online learning system from which all students, whether they are internal or external/regional study mode, access their course materials. 
  4. Do I have to do this workshop all by myself?
    No. A staff member will be available at all times including the weekend (9am –until late, throughout the workshop) to answer any queries you have as you work through the modules. A staff member will also facilitate the virtual classrooms. The staff member (Dr Jackie O’Flaherty) who facilitates these virtual classrooms is also the external coordinator for UniSA Human Body course and developer of this workshop.
  5. How long do I spend on each module?
    It is anticipated you would spend a minimum of two hours per module and a maximum of 3-6 hours participating in virtual classes-however these virtual classrooms will be recorded so you have the option of listening and watching these if you cannot virtually attend. There are no exams for the modules and no work to submit. You may choose to participate in the academic writing skills activities and receive personal feedback on your efforts but this is entirely optional. These writing activities will add technique and confidence to your armoury, as well as offering you a range of approaches and practical exercises to help you generate great academic writing, which you will find of enormous benefit in many of your first, second and third year nursing courses.
  6. What is a virtual classroom?
    A virtual classroom (VC) is a feature of UniSA Learnonline course websites that allows you to attend a tutorial in the comfort of your own home “virtually” by using your home computer. You will benefit most if you use a headset. In order to participate in virtual classrooms for both this workshop, and indeed for many of your courses at UniSA especially nursing and midwifery courses, you will either need a computer with a built in microphone or you can simply purchase your own headset with microphone.
    We recommend you purchase a USB headset with microphone rather than the analogue type headset with microphone that has just the two pronged plugs, especially if you have a computer that is less than 2 years old.
    An example of the USB headset is Logitech USB headset (e.g. Dick Smith Electronics models H330: $27; H360/390:$39; H530:$45). An example of the analogue two pronged plugs is Logitech h150 Stereo headset (e.g. Dick Smith Electronics $24.95).If you choose not to attend the VC for this workshop then you will not need a headset and can simply listen and watch the recording on your computer at your leisure. You will be shown in module 1 how to log easily into a virtual class and how to participate in these very exciting and interactive online tutorials. If you would like to learn more about Virtual classrooms and how this part of the workshop will be beneficial to your learning please read Jackie’s (Jumpstart workshop developer and coordinator) journal article “O’Flaherty: Using Virtual classrooms to improve student learning and engagement”
  7. Are there opportunities to work with fellow students and students who will be undertaking the same program as me?
    Yes, you can interact via discussion forums and virtual classrooms using your computer and have the opportunity to meet fellow workshop students on campus in person during O-week for an informal get together.
  8. Is there an exam at the end of the workshop?
    No, there is no exam but you have a choice to participate in worksheets and self-assessment quizzes to monitor your progress. These self-assessment quizzes allow you to receive immediate, private feedback so you can identify any weaknesses you may have on a topic, and also to know how much knowledge you have gained during the workshop. You also are invited to participate in virtual classrooms where we will work through the answers to worksheets. You also have the option to partake in academic writing skills activities via discussion boards/forums.
  9. Do you provide notes?
    Yes. You can download and print off all resources (lecture notes, lecture recordings, virtual classroom tutorial recordings, worksheets, additional resources etc.) from the workshop course website. These will be of enormous benefit when you start your Human Body or second year nursing or midwifery studies.
  10. Do I need to buy a textbook for this workshop?
    No, there is no set textbook for this course. However, if you would like information about your first year Human Body textbook options please email Jackie. 
  11. Do I receive a notification about my enrolment confirmation?
    Yes, if you register online you will receive immediate email confirmation. Please include your current email address (University email address preferred) in your registration form. Please also make sure that your email box is not full.
  12. Do I receive the receipt for the payment by email?
    Yes. If you register online you will automatically be emailed a receipt. In person registrations through campus central will be emailed their receipt by Jackie-workshop coordinator.
  13. After enrolling for the workshop, if I am not able to attend, will I get my money back?
    A full refund will be given if advised in writing via email at least five working days before the start of the course. After this period, if you are unable to attend the course due to unavoidable circumstances, half of the registration fee will be refunded.
  14. Who should I contact for more information?
    For general enquiries please phone (08) 8302 2048 or email Dr Jackie O’Flaherty (Jumpstart workshop coordinator, Human Body and Human Health course coordinator) Jackie.oflaherty@unisa.edu.au

Areas of study and research

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