Mathematical Game of SET

For: Year 10, 11 students


The Game of SET was created by Marsha Jean Falco, a Population Geneticist in 1974 and was released as a popular card game in 1990. The game requires players to identify patterns in traits displayed on a set of cards, and create SETs of three cards that meet defined criteria.

This card game has many applications within the mathematics classroom, and this program will focus on two concepts – the multiplication principle and the comparison of permutations and combinations. To reinforce these concepts, simple everyday problems will be analysed and solved using these focus areas.

What will students do?

Students will explore mathematical concepts while learning how to play the card game The Game of SET. They will use the multiplication principle to solve simple problems, will learn the history behind The Game of SET, and explore the concepts of permutations and combinations. After playing The Game of SET, students will analyse SETs that were found, and discuss strategies for finding SETs.


  • As this program is a practical activity and may be run in a laboratory, students and accompanying adults will be required to wear closed in shoes and appropriate dress.
  • Teachers will receive confirmation of booking and pre-visit information.


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