3D Printers

For: Year 10 and 11 students

Programs will commence on Tuesday 9 May 2017


3D printing is an additive manufacturing process in which a fully formed object is constructed one layer at a time.

A 3D printer works by depositing a material onto a platform via a controlled nozzle. The nozzle constructs the object by building it up, layer by layer, until the final product has been completed.

UniSA Connect’s 3D Printers workshop is an introduction to the use of 3D printers. Students will explore the uses and applications of 3D printing technology, watch 3D printers in action, have a hands-on experience with a CAD-based software package, and design a 3D object which will be printed for them to keep.

Please note: due to the 3D printing time, the student designed objects are usually printed after the session and posted to the school. 

What will students do?

Section 1: Introduction to 3D Printing and CAD Design

Presented information explores the current uses of 3D printers and future applications of this technology.

Students work individually to:

  • learn the basic functions of CAD software
  • progress through a series of tutorials to become skilled in basic 3D modelling

Section 2: Creating a 3D Printed Object

After creating basic 3D shapes in CAD, students will be challenged to design an object.


  • interact with 3D printed objects to observe their features
  • use CAD to create a 3D object suitable for printing within specified guidelines


  • As this program is a practical activity, students and accompanying adults will be required to wear closed in shoes and appropriate dress.
  • Teachers will receive confirmation of booking and pre-visit information.



To book this program in Week 8, Term 3, please complete the booking form here


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