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For: Secondary School Teachers

UniSA Connect offers a range of teacher professional learning opportunities for secondary school teachers to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in schools. Programs focus on new technologies such as 3D Printers and VX Sport units which utilise GPS technology.

Professional development programs include:

Each of these programs is free of charge and will be held at Mawson Lakes Campus.

At completion of programs, teachers are provided with certificates which reflect the Teacher Professional Learning standards.

Details about each of these sessions are provided below.  

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Introduction to 3D Printing

This is an interactive 3D Printing program designed to introduce teachers to 3D printing.  During the program, participants have the opportunity to design and print a personalised key tag and be provided with background information and future applications in advanced manufacturing.



Improving your 3D Printing

This 3D Printing program is offered for teachers who have some experience with 3D printers, or who have completed the introductory course.  The program explores topics such as how to increase the speed of prints, software enhancements and new materials that are available for printing. There will be opportunities to ask specific questions relating to your school’s needs.


Career Awareness

The Career Awareness teacher professional learning program provides career match profile training which can be utilised in the Year 10 Personal Learning Plan subject.

The career match profile is a psychometric profile used to identify potential career paths that suit each student. These profiles take into account each student’s personality type, interests and values. This innovative approach allows. secondary students to broaden their career horizons through career mapping. It also promotes awareness of higher education study options.

Training sessions are facilitated at school sites to relevant staff (including Personal Learning Plan teachers) who are interested in being able to facilitate career match profile sessions for their students. The sessions are conducted for one hour and as part of this, participants will complete an individual career match profile and analyse it.  The career match profiles can be supplied by the University for use in secondary schools.

Times and dates for these sessions are negotiated individually with schools.


Electronic Games

This program covers an introduction to electronics components and their function.

An electronic activity board, Music Matcher, will be assembled and soldered.

Music Matcher is a fun electronic activity kit developed by the University of South Australia. It provides an introduction to the world of electronics, giving students the opportunity to practice soldering and assembly techniques whilst developing their ability to identify and understand the function of electronic circuitry components. When assembled and soldered together, the kit becomes an interactive electronic board game with two functions – a one-octave electronic keyboard and a Simon Says matching game.

Once teachers complete the program, they will be able to negotiate supply of the board for their school.


Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) is to engineering what Medicins Sans Frontieres is to medicine. It is an organisation that focusses on developing community based, small scale, grassroots engineering programs that are innovative, appropriate to the needs of local people and environment, and sustainable. It works in close collaboration with developing communities both in Australia and overseas, assisting them to gain access to the knowledge, resources and technologies they need to improve their livelihoods.

UniSA Connect’s ‘Engineers Without Borders’ program introduces students to the work of EWB and undertakes two interactive challenges based on the themes of access to clean water and saving energy.

The session concludes with a presentation of successful EWB projects, to show how engineering can and does improve people’s lives.

Some schools use this program as a cross disciplinary initiative.


VX Connect to Sport Science

In partnership with VX Sport, the University has developed a Teacher Professional Learning program around the use of VX technology and suggested connections to SACE curriculum. 

VX Sport introduces teachers to the GPS technology and devices. The program demonstrates the VX Sport unit, its uses and explores knowledge of the VX Sport application into sport science settings. The UniSA Connect team leads the discussion on connections across the curriculum and implementation into classroom settings. The program aims to:

  • engage teachers in the use of high quality sport science equipment from VX Sport
  • encourage teachers to work together, share and develop teaching resources
  • develop a VX Connect Sport Science Teacher Network
  • promote the development of sport science STEM initiatives in schools


Each program is free of charge.

Sessions will be offered throughout the year. Some programs can be negotiated for individual school groups.

Teacher Professional Learning certificates are issued for teachers who attend these programs.




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