Sport Science – Biomechanics in Sport

For: Year 11 and 12 students


The workshop will introduce the students to Smart technology used to collect biomechanical data for the analysis of a variety of sports. The workshop begins with a brief insight into the history of biomechanics, the stages of learning and applying this analysis to different sporting situations.

Using Smart technology the students will have the opportunity to collect and analyse using some of the following:

-       Basketball shooting analysis data – using 94 Fifty Smart Basketball technology

-       Sequential throwing analysis data – using Net Playz sports radar device

-       Tennis serve sequential analysis data – using Sony Smart Sensor technology

Students will leave the workshop with a workbook complete of data and knowledge to apply to future year 11/12 Physical Education course work. 

The final component of the session is identifying career pathways to Health Science at the University of South Australia.

What will students do?

As part of the workshop, students will:

  • Collect performance data using multiple smart technology resources
  • Learn how to read and analyse data reports using the different technology
  • Apply the data collected to form an analysis of the different sporting actions analysed


  • Teachers will receive confirmation of booking, pre-visit information and lessons they will need to complete with their student cohort before attending.
  • Places are limited


Thank you for your interest, but this workshop is fully booked for 2018


Areas of study and research

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