Preparing For Placement

Once all complete all your steps – the Professional Experience Office will contact all students to advise of their placement. All communication will be via student email.

There are many Roles and responsibilities in Professional Experience. All students should make themselves familiar with everyone Roles and responsibilities:

  • Professional Experience Officer

      The Professional Experience Office (PEO) administrators are the critical link between the placement setting and the University. The Professional Experience Office:

    • Negotiates and secures Professional Experience placements
    • Allocates pre-service teachers to placements
    • Communicates with sites throughout the Professional Experience placement
    • Provides copies of relevant documentation to site coordinators for wider distribution to mentor teachers
    • Is the point of contact for the site in relation to any Professional Experience matter, including any accident or incident involving the pre-service teacher
    • Ensures pre-service teachers have provided evidence of all compulsory placement conditions (e.g. Criminal History Screening)
    • Processes At Risk agreements and Final Reports
    • Forwards Pay Claims to the Professional Experience Office Finance Officer for validation and processing
    • Manages any other matters relevant to each pre-service
  • Pre Service Teacher

      We encourage the relationship between the pre-service teacher and site personnel to be collaborative and reciprocal. To enable such learning relationships to develop, pre-service teachers are expected to act professionally at all times and to demonstrate the following:

    • Reliability
    • Passion
    • Creativity
    • Initiative
    • Support and consideration of colleagues
    • Confidentiality
    • Ability to discuss and to respond to evaluation
    • Appropriate dress codes
    • Adherence to site policy in particular relating to online communication
    • Active involvement in the working life of the site
    • Commitment to the teaching profession
  • Site Coordinator

      The site coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination of each pre-service teacher’s program at the designated site. It is their responsibility to encourage the effective interaction of all partners; the pre-service teacher, the mentor teacher, the site and the University program. Their role is paramount to maximising the success of the professional experience and includes:

    • Allocating suitable mentor teachers to the pre-service teacher
    • Providing induction and professional learning opportunities
    • Being the point of contact (via telephone and email) for the Professional Experience Office
    • Forwarding any relevant UniSA documentation and information to the mentor teachers
    • Communicating with the University liaison and mentor teacher to monitor the progress of the pre-service teacher
    • Collaborating with the mentor teacher, the pre-service teacher and University liaison to manage any pre-service teachers considered ‘at risk’
    • Ensuring that all reports are received by the Professional Experience Office (signed hard copy) within one week following the final day of placement
    • Ensuring that all claim forms are correctly completed and received by the Professional Experience Office following one week of the completion of the final Professional Experience placement day.
  • School and Map

      All students will be contacted to advise the school they have been placed in. Students will also receive a map to the school.

  • Mentor Teacher

      The relationship between the pre-service teacher and the mentor teacher is critical. The role of the mentor teacher includes:

    • Developing a professional relationship with the pre-service teacher in order to facilitate their learning
    • Providing relevant information to maximise the pre-service teacher’s involvement in the site e.g. timetable information, policies and procedures, student information, etc.
    • Discussing educational issues, theories or practices and how they can impact upon day-to-day teaching responsibilities
    • Supporting the pre-service teacher to plan and implement an appropriate program for the students
    • Providing feedback, verbal and written, on a regular basis to the pre-service teacher in areas prioritised by either the mentor teacher or pre-service teacher, including the completion of a written report
    • Completing forms and ensuring they are signed by the site coordinator and received by the Professional Experience Office following one week of the final day of placement
    • Supporting the pre-service teacher in their transition to the profession of teaching.
  • Uni Liaison

      The role of the University liaison is to maintain and strengthen the partnership between the university and the site. One University liaison will be appointed to each site. Once appointed to the site the University liaison will:

    • Establish and maintain contact with allocated students while on their respective Professional Experience placements
    • Make face-to-face visits or email and phone contact (depending on context) with site coordinators and/or mentor teachers to ensure students are making satisfactory progress
    • Liaise with mentor teachers and Course Coordinators to ensure the site understands the documentation associated with the professional experience placement
    • Support the site if a pre-service teacher is considered at risk in conjunction with the Course Coordinator.

Areas of study and research

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