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All placements are organised by the Professional Experience Office. Pre-service teachers do not organise their own placements and do not contact schools regarding potential placements under any circumstance

Pre-service teachers undertake the placement process electronically through MyPlacement. The University values diversity of placements to support the development of the pre-service teachers and they can expect to experience a range of settings over their program.

Please note: Pre-service Teachers can expect to travel up to 90 minutes from their home to any Professional Experience placement. If they are unable to fulfil these requirements of the placement, they may choose to un-enrol and reenrol in the relevant course when they are able to meet all requirements.

  • Enrol in Professional Experience Course and complete the Placement Agreement Form

    • Each Professional Experience course in each program has a course name and code as well as a particular focus. These are identified in the table below together with the corresponding number of placement days.

      Your program is listed below, please find the relevant Professional Experience Course and corresponding Placement Agreement Form.

      Pre-service teachers must complete the Placement Agreement form each year before the HECS census dates; 31 March and 31 August respectively. This is critical for placements that are scheduled prior to these dates. If so, forms need to be completed 12 days prior to the commencement of the first visit day.

    • Bachelor of Education (MBET) Early Childhood, Primary, Primary/Middle and (LBSY) Secondary Design and Technology and Secondary Food and Textiles Technologies

      • Code Course Name Focus Days in sites Placement Agreement Form
        EDUC 1081 Professional Experience 1 Introduction to Educators Practices 10 days - whole school experience Prof EX 1 Form
        EDUC 1044 Professional Experience: Birth to 3 (Early Childhood only) Birth to three years 20 days (ECE) Prof EX Birth to 3 (Currently Unavailable)
        EDUC 2062 Professional Experience 2 Curriculum and Pedagogy 20 days Prof EX 2 Form (Currently Unavailable)
        EDUC 3061 Professional Experience 3 Assessment and Reporting 25 days Prof EX 3 ECE and Primary Form

        Prof EX 3 Secondary Form
        EDUC 4206 Professional Experience 4 Teacher as Inquirer 25 days Prof EX 4 ECE and Primary Form

        Prof EX 4 Secondary Form

      PLEASE NOTE: EDUC 1044 is only undertaken by pre-service teachers in the Early Childhood specialisation.

    • Master of Teaching (MMET) Early Childhood

      • Code Course Name Focus Days in sites Placement Agreement Form
        EDUC 5186 Professional Experience and Reflection 1 Introduction to Early Childhood Educators Practices 20 days Childcare PER 1 ECE Form
        EDUC 5221 Professional Experience and Reflection 2 Early Childhood Educator's Work 25 days Preschool PER 2 ECE Form (Currently Unavailable)
        EDUC 5189 Professional Experience and Reflection 3 Early Childhood Teacher as Inquirer 35 days Junior Primary PER 3 ECE Form (Currently Unavailable)
    • Master of Teaching (MMET) Primary, Primary/Middle, Secondary

      • Code Course Name Focus Days in sites Placement Agreement Form
        EDUC 5187 Professional Experience and Reflection 1 Introduction to Educators Practices 10 days PER 1 Primary Form

        PER 1 Secondary Form
        EDUC 5222 Professional Experience and Reflection 2 Teachers Work 22 days PER 2 Primary Form (Currently Unavailable)

        PER 2 Secondary Form (Currently Unavailable)
        EDUC 5190 Professional Experience and Reflection 3 Teacher as Inquirer 28 days PER 3 Primary Form

        PER 3 Secondary Form

      PLEASE NOTE: EDUC 1044 is only undertaken by pre-service teachers in the Early Childhood specialisation.

      In 2015, the School of Education are phasing out a number of programs which you may have pre-service teachers from. These include:

    • LBES Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science
    • LBDT Bachelor of Education (Design and Technology) (Home Economics)
    • DBSM Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Australian Studies)
    • DBGM Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Aboriginal Studies)
    • IBHU Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies)
    • LCAV Graduate Certificate in Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
    • LGED Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
    • The requirements also apply to pre-service teachers enrolled in these programs while on professional experience placement.

      RP 1 Form

      Classroom Theory and Practice 1 Form

      Classroom Theory and Practice 2 Form

  • Dress Code

    • Pre-service teachers must dress professionally (i.e. smart casual) at all times during professional experience in attire that is suitable for active teaching. This includes suitable and safe footwear. Pre-service teachers should observe the accepted dress code at their placement school or site and adhere to any particular codes. UniSA School of Education polo shirts are available and can be purchased through Co-Op stores (details below). They are available in Navy Blue or White and are suitable to be worn in most schools whilst on placement.

    • Name Badges

        Students can now order their Name Badges directly through Badge-a-minit.

        You can enter your details and student ID using the link below:

        The badges will be posted directly to your nominated address.

    • Polo Shirt

        The Co-Op stores at both Magill and Mawson Lakes will stock a supply of the School polo’s as from the commencement of SP5 2017.

        Magill Campus

        Building A

        St Bernard's Road, Magill

        Mawson Lakes Campus

        Building A, Level 1

        Mawson Lakes Blvd,

        Mawson Lakes

  • MyPlacement Link

    • In the lead up to undertaking each professional experience placement there are a number of pre-requisites and requirements that you need to satisfy before an appropriate placement site will be allocated to you. Complete the “Passport to Placement” process to ensure that these pre-requisites and requirements are fully met.

      The “Passport to Placement” is home to all the forms you are required to complete, resources you may need, all the key dates and contacts and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your placement.

      The MyPlacement’ site can be accessed via myUniSA under the ‘my Current Studies’ pillar or via the following URL:

      Once your placement has been confirmed; You will receive an automated email advising you to log onto MyPlacement to view your confirmed placement details. This includes the address of the site, the contact details, and a link to Google Maps so that you can view the location of your allocated placement.

  • Online Academic Integrity Quizzes

    • The University and School of Education aims to foster and preserve the scholarly values of curiosity, experimentation, critical appraisal and integrity, and to foster these values in its students. Throughout their learning experience, students are encouraged to work collaboratively. However, it is important that students understand the difference between collaboration and collusion. Students are expected to adhere to high standards of academic integrity and honesty at all times. Failure to do so may constitute academic misconduct.

      Academic integrity is based on the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility, which form the basis of all academic work. The Learning and Teaching Unit has developed resources to explain the concept of academic integrity and help you to recognise some forms of academic misconduct, including cheating, collusion and plagiarism.

      School of Education students enrolled in the Bachelor of Education and the Master of Teaching must complete the two following online Academic Integrity quizzes.

      Plagiarism quiz:
      General Academic Integrity quiz:

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