EASS Funded International Visiting Fellows 2018

To receive notification of events featuring the 2018 International Visiting Fellows, please send your contact details to Jean Mendrin jean.mendrin@unisa.edu.au

JayeDr Jaye Johnson Thiel, University of Georgia

Visiting: April 23rd to June 18th 2018

Interests: The practices of children and adults during work and play, and the literacies required to perform those practices in time and place, paying particular attention to the intersection of gender, poverty, and inequality.

Contact: jathiel@hotmail.com

Read: Thiel, J. (2015). ‘Bumblebee’s in trouble!’ Embodied literacies during imaginative superhero play. Language Arts 93(1), pp. 38-49.

Watch: Her introductory presentation

ChineeDr Chin Ee Loh, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Visiting: May 14th to May 25th

Interests: Reading cultures across different contexts, adolescent social reading practices, innovative library design and the role of school libraries in building literacy capital.

Contact: chinee.loh@nie.edu.sg

Read: Loh, C. E. (2016) Leveling the reading gap: A socio-spatial study of school libraries and reading in Singapore. Literacy 50(1), 3-13.

Watch: Her introductory presentation

ClaireDr Wen-Chia Chang (Claire), Boston College

Visiting: 3rd August to 29th September

Interests: The role of formative evaluation or self-study in providing an in-depth and complex understanding of how to better prepare and support teachers to teach diverse learners in a changing and democratic society.

Contact: changw@bc.edu

Read: Hill, M. F., Ell, F., Grudnoff, L., Haigh, M., Cochran-Smith, M., Chang, W-C., & Ludlow, L.(2016). Assessment for equity: learning how to use evidence to scaffold learning and improve teaching. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 1-20. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0969594X.2016.1253541

Watch: Her introductory presentation

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