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Reciprocity and partnerships in transdisciplinary research: doing things differently

20 February 2017


UniSA Magill Campus
Amy Wheaton Building H2-12
2:00pm to 4:30pm

Marnee and Annette will discuss working together on research and highlight some insights about building authentic partnerships. One project that they are currently involved in is a three year, Indigenous led, transdisciplinary project, funded through a CRC grant from the Lowitja Institute. With colleagues (Duthie, Bond, Drummond, & Sarra), they are working collaboratively with diverse schools and communities to explore how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people connect cultural identities to health and well-being.  The core research team of this project are four early and mid career Indigenous researchers, and this core team is supported by two senior researchers. The project has demanded innovative research design and methods, with attention paid to cultural protocols and considerations foregrounding methodological and ethical practices. As part of the discussion about authentic research relationships, Marnee and Annette will consider emerging insights and questions and talk about the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary research.

Ms Marnee Shay - Queensland University of Technology
Faculty of Education, School of Cultural and Professional Learning
Marnee is a proud Aboriginal woman who is a maternal descendent from Wagiman country, Daly River (Northern Territory). Marnee has lived and worked in South East Queensland for most of her life and has strong connections to the Indigenous community on the Sunshine Coast (Kabi Kabi country). Marnee is a firm social justice advocate and brings this to her work as an academic. Marnee has a diverse professional background, including youth work and teaching (school’s and TAFE)

Professor Annette Woods- Queensland University of Technology
Faculty of Education- Early Childhood.
Annette has a Doctor of Philosophy (University of Queensland), MEd (Queensland University of Technology), PGDip (Griffith University), BA (Macquarie University), DipEd (Macquarie University) Annette specializes in Curriculum and Pedagogy, Specialist Studies in Education, Cultural Studies.
Annettes Research interests are Literacy, multiliterices, social justice, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

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