Publishing Books and Scholarly Papers: Suggestions and insights

Friday 30 May, C1-60 Magill Campus, 2pm

Publishing in (Leading) Educational Journals: Why and How Do We This?
Dr Andrew Peterson
Andrew shared his experience of authoring journal articles, as well as working on Editorial Boards and as a reviewer for numerous journals. The session included a critical outline of: finding the correct journal; different expectations between journals; the editorial and review process; responding to reviewer comments; and successfully achieving publication.

Authoring successful scholarly books: some (humble) insights
Dr David Armstrong
Dave shared his experience of authoring 3 scholarly (research-informed) books since 2010, including as an editor, co-author and lead-author. This included an outline of: finding the publisher; completing a successful book proposal; considering audience/niche; working with co-authors/the publisher; managing workload; reaching the final draft; marketing your book to the world; and editing it.

Areas of study and research

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