Memories of eucalyptus

How newly arrived adolescents can school our schooling

Friday 26th June, 2.30pm - 3.30pm
C1-60 Magill Campus

Sally LampingThis lecture reorient the audience to the complex network of strengths that transnational adolescents bring to classrooms, schools, and communities. It explored the ways in which teachers and schools can investigate, uncover, and use these strengths as they revisit appropriate classroom pedagogies and school models for these particular students.

The lecture examined the critical need in school contexts to transform deficit perceptions of these students as underschooled, traumatized, non/low literate, and linguistically deficient. It explored model programs in the United States and Australia that have rejected these deficit models in efforts to provide holistic and age-appropriate schooling for adolescent newcomers. Through this exploration, the lecture introduced critical questions about schooling within the current global education climate.

Areas of study and research

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