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Doing behaviour well in schools: Insights from a South Australian study

21 August 2015


H1-44, Magill Campus, 3pm -4.30pm

Presented by Dr Anna Sullivan, Professor Bruce Johnson, Mr Bill Lucas and Dr Mel Baak

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The Behaviour at School Study investigated how schools enact behaviour policies in a humane and educative way. A framework for developing and enacting humane behaviour policies and practices in schools was developed.

The themes of this framework are

  • Philosophy for enacting humane behaviour policies
  • Staffing to enact a collective philosophy
  • Prioritising place and space
  • Fostering an engaged and supportive school community
  • Enacting humane behaviour policies and practices

This seminar, presented these findings and argued that schools can interrupt dominant traditional discourses about school discipline, student conformity, and punitive responses to unproductive behaviour by developing a strong philosophy and associated practices that place children’s wellbeing and engagement at the centre of their work.

This research was funded by the Australian Research Council (LP110100317) and supported by:

Department for Education and Child Development
Catholic Education South Australia
Association of Independent Schools South Australia
South Australian Secondary Principals Association
Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools, South Australia
South Australian Primary Principals Association
South Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association


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