Developments in England’s policy and practice related teacher preparation: Unintended consequences of an ‘informed' profession?

30 November 2017


University of South Australia
Magill Campus, C1-60
10:00am to 12:00pm

The preparation of pre-service teachers in England has, during the last seven years, undergone the most sustained, rapid and radical period of change. Central to this period of ‘turbulence’ was an ambition to raise the quality of teacher preparation accompanied by a significant diversity of teacher preparation programmes and an ideological shift in moving teacher preparation away from Universities.

One such development in the teacher education system has been a rapid and increased emphasis on both ‘evidence based policy making’ and the development of ‘evidence based’ teaching. In this seminar Professor David Spendlove will assert that evidence is not a substitute for values and examine the claims, consequences and emerging practice of adopting ‘evidence based teaching’.

Professor Spendlove will also examine what other countries might learn from both the opportunities that arose and the significant mistakes that were made in the transformation agenda with which he has been engaged over the last half a dozen years. 

Presented by Professor David Spendlove

David Spendlove is Professor of Education in the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

He is currently Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Environment, Education and Development and holds strategic role for oversight of Teacher preparation.

David’s research is in a number of areas particularly initial teacher education, emotion, creativity and design thinking.

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