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de Lissa Oration 2016 ‘Technology, Media and Children’s Rights’

20 October 2016


H1-44 Amy Wheaton Building
Magill Campus
5.30pm - 7.30pm

The rise of the internet and digital technology has embedded media in the routines and practices of children’s everyday lives. Such media provides children with many opportunities to develop the skills required to function well within the 21st century, however some media content may place children at risk. Parents are told it is up to them to control what media their children are exposed to but how effective are the protective frameworks?  This presentation explores technology, media and children’s rights and examines some of the challenges for parents, educators, industry and government to provide effective regulation, reliable information and safe media content.

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Dr Lesley-Anne Ey (PhD), lectures in educational psychology, social and emotional development and child protection at the University of South Australia. Her PhD explored ‘Young children’s engagement with contemporary music media and their gender role and self-identity development’.  Her research areas include children’s engagement with media, media influence on children’s leaning and development, young children’s understanding of bullying, and child protection issues, with the aim to support teachers and inform educational curriculum. Dr Ey attempts to place children’s voice at the centre of her research.


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