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Comparison of Foreign Language Education Policies between Australia and China since the 1980s

31 October 2017


University of South Australia
Magill Campus, G1-72/73

This paper attempts to explore the similarities and differences between the foreign language policies in Australia and in China since the 1980s. Some Major Foreign Language education policies in the two countries will be compared, followed by discussion on some key issues such as the main content, the policy value orientation, policy management, and regional implementation of the national policy


Our Presenter:
Professor Wu Haiyan is Dean of School of Foreign Languages and Director of the Australian Studies Centre, Inner Mongolia Normal University. She got her BA from Inner Mongolia Normal University and MA from Leeds University, UK. She teaches various courses such as Advanced English, English Methodology, Interpreting and Translation to undergraduates and English Instructional Design, Research Methodology and Thesis Writing to postgraduates, and supervises MA and MEd students majoring in Applied Linguistics and English didactics.

She participated in the Sida-sponsored international training program on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management in Lund University in Sweden in 2009 and 2010, and was visiting scholar at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2015. Her research interests are ESL, teacher education and Australian culture and language policy. So far she has published more than 20 papers, two course books on English pedagogy, and a series of five translation works of Australian Aboriginal culture as vice editor.



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