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A Curriculum for Australia?

13 November 2015


H1-44, UniSA Magill Campus
Oration 9.00am - 10.30am
Conference 10.30am - 5.00pm

Watch Oration









Presented by Professor Marie Brennan
Victoria University, Melbourne Australia 

What might be a curriculum that is for Australia – not merely an ‘Australian’ curriculum?  What is the purpose of foregrounding the country, currently called ‘Australia’, at a time when globalising processes have been destabilising the category of nation and the assumption that people, territory and politics are co-terminous? These are tough questions, hard to pose and difficult to address, with no hope of an easy answer.  Nor can they be answered only in terms of a school curriculum.

In starting to work towards a partial answer, I start with the reparations owed to the First Peoples of this country, acknowledging their sovereignty - never ceded - and consider what might need to be our public curriculum, alongside a schooling curriculum which might work to heal the blights of colonial wars, policies and practices.  I then consider the curriculum which could help to build an ‘Australian narrative’ that can work from and for difference, as a resource to build an informed and activist global citizenry that links local place, a new understanding of ‘nation’ with other locals and places.

Followed by the CREd Conference

The CREd Conference began with a breakout session allowing the groups tol discuss emerging themes from the Oration. The Conference format then move into 3 symposiums featuring Stakeholder speakers and academics from the School of Education. Please view the full program for further details.

Watch Symposium 1 - Curriculum Development


Stakeholder Speaker: Dr Neil McGoran, Chief Executive of the SACE Board

School of Education Speakers:
Professor Alan Reid, Reviewing the reviewers: a critical analysis of the Review of the Australian curriculum.
Dr Sue Nichols, Curriculum Redevelopment: Bringing English curriculum in teacher education into the 21st century.
Mr Jeff Meiners
, An approach to researching curriculum construction.


Watch Symposium 2 - Curriculum Enactment

Stakeholder Speaker: Dr Stephen Kelly, Secondary Literacy Consultant at Catholic Education SA

 School of Education Speakers:
Dr Andrew Peterson, Enacting global citizenship: Placing values front and centre.
Dr Anna Sullivan
, Curriculum enactment: Lessons from policy enactment.
Dr Barbara Spears,Technology, Wellbeing and Safe Schools: A Hidden Curriculum?


Watch Symposium 3 - Curriculum Leadership

Stakeholder Speaker:Dr Brendyn Semmens, South Australian Department of Education and Child Development

School of Education Speakers:
Dr Kathy Paige, Eco justice, critical pedagogy and scientific literacy.
Professor Irabinna Rigney,  Leadership and Aboriginal content in the national curriculum.
Associate Professor Victoria Whitington, Leadership in early childhood education: key ideas.


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