2018 MENu Conference: Male Educators on the Fringe

17 February 2018


University of South Australia
City West Campus JS1-13
9:15am to 4:30pm

Following the great success of the inaugural MENu conference in 2017, the theme of MENu 2018 will be ‘Male Educators on the Fringe’. With national workforce figures around 3%, male early childhood educators are truly sitting on the fringe of the early education and care sector. In many other fields of employment where similarly low diversity figures exist, there have been strategic and concerted efforts made to try and bring some balance to the workforce. In the field of early education and care, however there are a number of societal factors that impact on male involvement, and a simple quota or scholarship scheme is not the answer. With the Adelaide Fringe opening at the same time as this conference, the theme of this event is a celebration of the fringe work of the many male educators who are leading the way for greater awareness and activism around a gender diverse Early Childhood workforce.

Saturday 17th February 9:15am to 4:30pm
University of South Australia, Adelaide
City West Campus, JS1-13 Jeffery Smart Forum (Click for Campus Map)              
Program Here!            

Our Presenters! 

  • Dr Martyn Mills-Bayne, Lecturer at the University of South Australia: School of Education.   
  • Keynote: Ben Jackson, 2017 Australian Family Early Education & Care Awards National Educational Experience Rising Star winner.     
  • Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney, University of South Australia: School of Education.   
  • Dr Vaughan Cruickshank, Lecturer in Health and Physical Education University of Tasmania.
  • Molly Rhodin, Down to Earth Practical Solutions.
  • Dr Kate Liley, Goodstart Early Learning

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