Staff Research Interests

Academic staff within the school are broadly divided into four research clusters.

Each of these intellectual domains have significant overlap with research in the school being proudly interdisciplinary in nature.

Central to all our research activities is a concern with societal transformation and addressing the social problems we face in an increasingly global and culturally plural world. 

Please visit our staff home pages and contact a researcher if you would like to find a Higher Degree by Research supervisor or discuss their research in more detail.

Creative and Cultural Studies (cultural studies, creative writing, performing arts, music, film studies)

Bishop, AsPr Peter (Adjunct)
Associate Professor
Key research interests: place, environment and cultures, Tibet, Buddhism and the West, promotional culture, media and advertising, depth psychology and post-Jungian studies, travel writing, imagination and utopia

Crowley, Dr Vicki (Adjunct)
Senior Lecturer
Key research interests: cultural studies, cultural politics of the body, affect and cultural space, postcolonialism, queer theory, practice-based methodology

Fewster, Dr Russell
Key research interests: new media performance, opera, short film, directing for the stage, physical theatre, verbatim/political theatre, Japanese theatre

George, Dr Jodie
Associate Professor
Key research interests: Cultural Geography, Rural Studies, Critical Tourism Studies, Creative Writing and Literature

Jaworski, Dr Katrina
Senior Lecturer
Key research interests: suicide and gender, feminist philosophies, post-structuralist and postmodernist theories, performativity, visual culture, youth studies

Luckman, Prof Susan
Professor in Cultural Studies
Key research interests: creative industries, digital media and society, culture and space, regional development, tourism & Cultural industries, dance music cultures, youth (sub) cultures

Page, Dr Sue
Key research interests: young adult and children's literature (particularly Australian), Australian trade publishing for young people, constructs of adolescence and childhood, Writing praxis and pedagogy, representation of the Holocaust and conflict in fiction for children and young adults

Petrescu, Dr Ioana
Senior Lecturer
Key research interests: creative writing (all aspects), editing and publishing, literary theory and criticism, the sociology of writing (theory and practice of the relation author-literary agent/PR-editor-publisher-bookseller-reader), writing and interpreting contemporary poetry, poetry and the community

Raynes, Dr Cameron
Key research interests: history of engagement between Aboriginal people, government and wider society in the 20th century; digital archival research, narrative, storytelling and ethics

Roberts, Dr Rosie
Key research interests: cultural studies; mobility studies, migration and subjectivity, sociology of education

Walton, Dr Saige
Lecturer: Screen Studies
Key research interests: film history and film theory, film and media aesthetics. visual culture, phenomenological philosophy, embodiment and the senses, Baroque and Neo-Baroque studies

Steen, Dr Tangi
Key research interests: Use of IT (Information Technology) in teaching and learning in higher education, study of technological systems of traditional societies, in particular gendered technologies, representations of Tongan diasporas in print, electronic and social media, community radio broadcasting and its role in preservation and maintenance of culture and language of the Tongan diaspora

Languages and Cultural Diversity (Linguistics and Languages) 

Chiro, Dr Giancarlo (Adjunct)
Key research interests: Italian language varieties and variation, Italian culture and society, migration studies, cultural values and identity studies, language maintenance among minority groups in ethnically plural societies

Crichton, Dr Jonathan
Senior Lecturer
Key research interests: language in the professions: medicine, health, education and law, methodology in language focused research

Curnow, Dr Tim(Associate Member )
Key research interests: languages-in-education policy in schools, attitudes and motivation in language learning, evaluation of languages education programs, discourse and pragmatics (particularly in English and Spanish and cross-linguistically), sociolinguistics and language variation and change

Diallo, Dr Ibrahima
Key research interests: language planning/policy in Africa and other francophone countries, education policies in Africa, language maintenance and shift in African contexts and in African diaspora, attitudes towards languages and identities in Africa, French studies and Francophonie, second language teaching

Grave, Dr Isobel (Adjunct)
Key research interests: Italian studies, Italian studies in the areas of medieval and modern literature and cultural studies, translation studies, contrastive linguistics (Italian and English) in a translation studies framework

Heugh, AsPr Kathleen
Associate Professor
Key research interests: language and literacy acquisition in diverse settings, first, second and foreign language teaching, language assessment in multilingual settings, language policy and planning, post- colonial debates on languages and citizenship, linguistic diversity, migration and mobility, the economics of language

Hogarth, Dr Christopher
Lecturer: French
Key research interests: literature and culture of Francophone Africa (especially Senegal), Africans in Francophone and Italophone literature, French Studies (especially issues surrounding gender and autobiography)

Kohler, Dr Michelle (Associate Member)
Key research interests:  Mediation, intercultural perspectives on language teaching and learning, (languages) curriculum design and implementation, language policy, planning and program implementation, assessment of student achievement, and more recently, interpreting and translating.

Liddicoat, Prof Tony (Adjunct)
Key research interests: the role of language and culture in education, language planning and policy, conversation analysis and discourse analysis, French linguistics

Scarino, AsPr Angela
Associate Professor
Key research interests: languages education especially in linguistically diverse societies, intercultural language learning, second language curriculum development, language assessment, languages and learning, teacher education

Scrimgeour, Mr Andrew
Research Fellow
Key research interests: Chinese language teaching and learning, literacy development in Chinese as a second language, teacher pre-service and in-service training, class room based research and evaluation, curriculum development and implementation, learner diversity in languages education

Tudini, Dr Enza
Senior Lecturer
Key research interests: computer mediated communication, second language acquisition, Italian language and culture

Yoshida, Dr Reiko
Key research interests: second language acquisition, second language classroom studies, beliefs about second language learning and teaching, socio-cultural dimensions of second language learning and teaching

Associate Members

Dr Song Ying
Key research interests: business English as a lingua franca, English-Chinese bilingual education, language policy and planning

Mediated Environments (journalism, communication, media arts)

Anderson, Dr Heather
Key research interests: citizens' media and citizens' journalism, community radio, social movement media, alternative media, prisoners' media

Glenny, Dr Leanne
Key research interests: public sector communication, public relations and communication ethics, experiential learning

Green, Prof Kerry
Key research interests: news and trauma /vulnerability, newspaper audience research, computer-assisted journalism, multimedia journalism, news media organisation and management

McCarthy, Dr Josh
Key research interests: emerging technologies in learning and teaching, abstract expressionism in photography, design theory; narrative-driven animation; animation in education

Richards, Prof Ian
Adjunct Professor
Key research interests: journalism and communication ethics, research ethics, regional/rural journalism,  journalism and social capital, reporting human tragedy

Snowden, Dr Collette
Senior Lecturer
Key research interests: communication and technology; mobile communications; organisational communication; public communication; media effects: international media

Stubbs, Dr Ben
Lecturer: Professional Writing (Journalism)
Key research interests:  Travel writing, journalism, creative nonfiction, new forms of ethnography and history writing

Societal and Political Transformations (international relations, politics, sociology)

Biro, Dr Daniel
Key research interests: international relations theory, security studies and comparative politics, failed states, regional security and strategic studies, humanitarian interventions, rogue states

Fopp, Dr Rodney (Adjunct) 
Key research interests: social theory and political philosophy, the sociology of knowledge credited and discredited knowledge claims, fundamentalism and secularisation in the West, approaches to cross-cultural understanding, housing and homelessness

Franzway, Prof Suzanne (Adjunct)
Key research interests: gender and trade unions, social movements and activism, sociology of work; sociology of the family, domestic violence and work, caring labour, feminist politics and theory

Lundberg, Dr David (Adjunct)
Key research interests: United States politics and global primacy, global security, including terrorism, intelligence and strategy, Asian regional integration and cooperative security, comparative politics and policy analysis

Simpson, Dr Adam
Senior Lecturer
Key research interests: critical security studies - environmental and energy security in south and southeast Asia, environmental politics under authoritarian regimes, international political economy and the impacts of globalisation and neoliberalism on the global south, links between environmental justice and human rights, transnational social movements, environmental politics in Australia

West, Dr Brad
Associate Professor
Key research interests: media, communication and culture, social and cultural theory, conflict and deviance


Areas of study and research

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