Creative Communities and Global Cosmopolitanisms Research Group


The Creative Communities and Global Cosmopolitanisms (CCGC) brings together scholars united in their focus on cultural research undertaken via the lens of a number of disciplines, especially cultural studies. In particular, the group’s researchers have established strengths in undertaking qualitative research able to capture and address the complexity of living culture, including notably the kinds of impacts, possibilities and activities best captured employing qualitative research modalities. The research group has a commitment to ‘bottom up’ research; that is, understanding complex social issues from the perspective of the community and/or individuals impacted directly. It brings to this work tested research methods able to make translatable complex cultural questions. Its researchers are further experienced inter-disciplinary scholars, who welcome the insights afforded by working with scholars in multi-disciplinary teams.

The CCGC identifies its key research problematics as:

  • Identifying the impact of cultural, economic, political and technological change within social worlds;
  • Understanding culture, place and meaning;
  • Mapping media and consumer cultures;
  • Developing resilient and creative communities

In exploring such issues, we are simultaneously attentive to the importance of the interplay of both the local and the global; of how the ‘micro’ of the former is informed by the global movement of both people and ideas. We are interested how cultural spaces come to be significant sites of intercultural exchange, everyday belonging and citizenship.

We welcome new opportunities to further collaborate with scholars from other disciplines, or partners from industry, government and/or the wider community, who are interested in finding out more about the cultural impacts or practices important to them. In keeping with the PVC Research’s mutli-disciplinary vision for UniSA, we particularly welcome dialogue from colleagues across the University keen to have cultural research expertise included on any project teams they are putting together.

For more information about the Creative Communities and Global Cosmopolitanisms please contact:

Professor Susan Luckman
+ 61 8 830 24152

Areas of study and research

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