Researchers in the Narratives of War group have edited and published a number of seminar proceedings:

War Memory and CommemorationWar Memory and Commemoration, 2016, ed. Dr Brad West, Routledge.

In a period characterised by an unprecedented cultural engagement with the past, individuals, groups and nations are debating and experimenting with commemoration in order to find culturally relevant ways of remembering warfare, genocide and terrorism. This book examines such remembrances and the political consequences of these rites. In particular, the volume focuses on the ways in which recent social and technological forces, including digital archiving, transnational flows of historical knowledge, shifts in academic practice, changes in commemorative forms and consumerist engagements with history affect the shaping of new collective memories and our understanding of the social world. Presenting studies of commemorative practices from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, War Memory and Commemoration illustrates the power of new commemorative forms to shape the world, and highlights the ways in which social actors use them in promoting a range of understandings of the past. The volume will appeal to scholars of sociology, history, cultural studies and journalism with an interest in commemoration, heritage and/or collective memory. 

Legacies of WarLegacies of War, 2012, ed. Dr Nigel Starck, Australian Scholarly Publishing

A collection of 16 untold stories chronicling the wartime experiences of civilians, journalists, doctors and soldiers, the book uses different perspectives to give readers a unique insight into what war is actually like.


 Remnants of War — Retracing the Sites of Conflict and ReconciliationRemnants of War — Retracing the Sites of Conflict and Reconciliation, 2009, ed. Paul Skrebels, Adelaide: Lythrum Press.

Remnants of War offers readers a collection of journeys to sites of conflict and reconciliation conducted by members and guest contributors from the University of South Australia’s Narratives of War research group. All have discovered how important a physical connection with such sites is in understanding people and events, past and present. And all pass on, in a series of insightful and lively accounts, their experiences in making that discovery.

Veterans Remember — Stories for the CommunityVeterans Remember — Stories for the Community, 2010, ed. Claire Woods and Paul Skrebels, Port Adelaide: Ginnindera Press

Recollections from veterans of conflicts including World War 2, Korea, the Malayan Emergency and Vietnam.



Writings of WarWritings of War, 2006, ed. Claire Woods and Judith Timoney, Adelaide: Lythrum Press.

Lives and experiences in times of trauma, of war and of civilian conflict become the matter of novels, memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, and newspaper reports. Presented at the University of South Australia's 'Writings of War' Symposia, these essays offer scholarly yet personal perspectives on the way war and situations of conflict intersect with individual lives.



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