10th Australian Media Traditions Conference

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The 10th Australian Media Traditions Conference, hosted by the University of South Australia will be held in Adelaide, Thursday 15 - Friday 16 February 2018, with the theme Making Media History.

The conference will focus on questions and issues relating to the production of media history in the emerging digital era.  While the 2018 AMT theme will focus attention on methodological and historiographical issues, other communication and media scholars will submit presentations that address all forms of media history, and incorporate the concept of ‘making media history’.

There will be papers and panels on aspects of media history methodology, including journalism, public relations, audiences, technology, photography, advertising, and media institutions – press, broadcast, cinema, regulators, libraries and museums.

The conference will address practical aspects of the production of media history and the development and application of media historical processes, including:

  • the construction/deconstruction of media history in contemporary research
  • tools and techniques used in working with historic media
  • the reporting and communication of media history
  • historiography and media history
  • methodological issues relating to the interdisciplinary nature of media history
  • copyright and legal issues relating to the use of media material in research
  • the development of media history as a field of research in Australia
  • the incorporation of media history into contemporary research and teaching

Earlybird registration deadline: January 15 2018

Dr Collette Snowden: +61 (0) 8 8302 4474 or +61 0414 769 382
All email to AMT2017@unisa.edu.au

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