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If your organisation is interested in hosting one or more UniSA students for a project, please fill in the details below and click submit.

Please note that this is the first step in the process of matching potential students with interested organisations, a UniSA representative will be in touch shortly to discuss your proposal.

Projects and internships must finish prior to the exam period of the relevant study period.  They usually take place in either Study Period 2 (February to June) or Study Period 5 (July to November).  deally they should not commence more than two months before the start of the relevant study period.  For academic term dates, please check here


Proposed Organisation


Is the postal address the same as the street address?
If you are a staff member of the organisation, do you approve the use of your logo to promote the internship/ project opportunity on a UniSA internal website?

Details of person completing form

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Criteria and Insurance

Does the organisation meet the following criteria?
- Able to host the project within the given semester timeframe (usually 13 weeks);
- Provide a detailed project brief (or if you are a student and proposing your own project brief have they accepted)?
- Able to meet the project team a minimum of 3 times during the semester;
- Provide feedback at the conclusion of the project;
- Provide the appropriate workload and suitable tasks for the duration of the project (80 hours minimum per student);
- Provide any specialised equipment and tools if not available at UniSA?

Proposed Project

Will the project require any specialised resources/ equipment not available at UniSA?
Will the project require the undertaking of primary research, i.e interviews, focus groups, questionnaires to members of the public?
Please note, your project may not be able to be completed as a student assignment if ethics approval is required

Proposed start and end dates

Projects must finish prior to the exam period of the relevant study period 2 or 5. Ideally they should not commence more than two months before the start of the relevant study period. Study period 2; March to July and Study Period 5; August to November

Student skill sets

What types of students would you like in the proposed project team?

Submission of applications

If the person completing this form is a staff member of the host organisation, please specify here how you would like students to apply for the proposed internship/s
Applicants should submit the following:
Applicants should send their submissions to:

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