Careers to consider

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Our graduates find work in the traditional media and communication industries, such as film, television, print, radio, and online. They also move into ‘embedded’ creative roles (such as working in the public sector, not-for-profits, or industry). The wide-ranging skills our graduates develop during their studies give many the confidence to go out and create jobs of their own – in start-ups or small business ventures.

Here are some careers to consider:

communication officer: communication research; project and campaign planning; implementation of communication initiatives; media monitoring and relations; brand management; writing for the web; direct marketing

professional writer / journalist: research and monitor topical issues; gather news information from various sources such as via interviews or desktop research; report on information and present it in the form of a news story, documentary or feature article, either verbally or in print; shoot and edit video for news stories; using virtual reality to tell a story or share an experience

social media strategist: research social media platforms and tools; social media campaign planning, implementation and monitoring; integrate social media elements into broader communication functions; social media engagement policies for the workplace

digital designer: design print publications; app design; design for multiple platforms and interfaces; review design elements of branding

web developer: review design elements of websites; analyse client needs and develop relevant documentation; develop websites or apps; digital media production; multi-platform optimisation

film and TV editor: develop pre- and post-production elements; production of a range of storytelling forms such as features, short films, drama, advertising, documentaries and promotional videos

CGI animator: create 3D and 2D special effects, animation, illustrations, models, or other visual images using film, video, software, or by hand, for use in games, movies, music videos, television and commercials

social media manager: oversee day-to-day social media operations; build brand, engagement and community; work with analytics and campaign management tools to measure success of campaigns and social media platforms

game designer: define the elements of a game such as setting, rules, characters, objects and props, interface design, and modes of play; work as part of a team to create game code and carry out testing; use project management skills

content creator/producer: use a broad technical skill set and excellent understanding of digital media, to write/create blog posts, videos, memes, GIFs, infographics, podcasts; work with analytics and search engine optimisation tools

writer/author: create and write literary texts including novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays; share stories of your own and others; express ideas and news; copywriting and freelancing for organisations

social researcher: market research; communication audits; social policy planning; and trend and population analysis

Areas of study and research

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