Key areas of investigation

Learning Science

  • Child development
  • The science of language development
  • Indigenous languages and cognitive science
  • Developing learning analytics capacity to inform learning outcomes
  • Creativity and movement
  • Sleep and adolescent development
  • Wellbeing for R-12 workforce (Debbie Price)
  • Lifelong learning

Partnership and Professional Practice

  • Placing industry partners on site
  • Internships and student placements
  • Industry professors
  • The transformed PhD
  • APY Lands Pitjantjatjara language tutor partnerships
  • Professional development for industry stakeholders

Embedded Creativity

  • Inquiry learning and design thinking
  • Industry projects: Matchstudio model
  • Design Factory
  • Indigenous design
  • Embedding performing arts, media production and user-led content creation into courses: film-making, social media, app creation
  • Music and theatrical performance

Community Learning Space and Shared-use Facilities

  • Community consultation and co-design
  • Public wifi, BYO device and lifelong learning
  • Community health and Magill clinic
  • Community radio, film club and reading circles, social media
  • Child care innovations
  • Community history, oral history and memory, including indigenous heritage
  • Murray house as a hands-on history learning centre
  • Outdoor collaborative, safe and secure learning spaces

Building and Celebrating Cultural Diversity

  • Indigenous knowledges
  • Scandinavian learning models
  • East-West learning: Confucian classrooms and King Sejong Institutes
  • Muslim and non-Muslim understanding
  • Interculturality and embedded language learning
  • Multiethnic community media

Social Innovation

  • At risk youth and media enterprise (eg. SYC Boltz program)
  • Early intervention and learning analytics
  • Child protection
  • Ageing, social care and the preparation of professional and non-professional workforces
  • Work health and safety in schools and other social sites
  • Citizenship and civic education
  • Refugee youth engagement

Areas of study and research

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