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The Guardian - Teacher Network

The Guardian Teacher Network with Zurich Municipal - The School We'd Like Competition. This competition saw entries from around the UK where students entered their ideas about what they wanted most from their school - from students in tents to live experiments, the finalists were both creative and inspirational.

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Over 100 laboratory schools are associated with colleges and universities worldwide. The faculty members of these schools are scholars, master teachers and researchers involved in early childhood, elementary, secondary and higher education. Laboratory schools are innovative in their approach to educational reform.

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Saunalahti School - Finland

In the Scandinavian style of schools and public buildings the dark nights and lack of daylight mean that the use of large glass windows is preferred. They allow what light that exists to enter the building and the connection with the outside is evident. It is common to create long spaces to traverse or for informal meeting that are within the building rather than outside the building. 

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