Child Protection

The ambition of the Magill Education Precinct to create a community of learners across the lifespan requires consideration of child safety matters. This brief acknowledges the complexity of such an ambition, notes potential risks, and presents strategies to address these.

The key question which frames this child protection brief is: How might we secure the safety of children and young adults in the Magill Education Precinct in terms of legal responsibilities, design and best practice?

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Classroom Observation and Data Collection

Central to the debate surrounding classroom observation and research in technology rich Smart Classrooms on the Magill Education Precinct, are the following questions:

  • What is the purpose/s of the Classroom?
  • How do we envisage use of the technology rich Smart Classroom?
  • Who will have access to the classrooms?
  • How often will the classrooms be used and by what arrangement?

How might we observe the participants in Smart Classrooms? With or without one-way mirror windows onto their worlds? Participant versus non-participant: that is rather than observe at a distance, couldn’t we just ‘experience’, as when researchers or student teachers choose to join mentors and children in the same classroom? How can a safe, supportive, collaborative, shared learning space be created? There are technological questions about the role of technology, both within the classroom setting as a teaching and learning tool and as a means of data collection.

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Areas of study and research

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