The 5Ps approach to improving the transition, retention and success of university students

10 April 2018


On Campus, C1-60 Magill


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11.30am – 12.30pm

International Association of University Health and Wellbeing. Webinar Series: 

“The 5Ps approach to improving the transition, retention and success of university students”

By Guest Speaker Professor Denise Wood AM, Research Chair and Director of the Centre for Regional Advancement of Learning, Equity, Access and Participation at CQ University.

Professor Denise WoodThe retention of university students, particularly those from identified equity groups, has come into sharp focus in recent times given the proposed higher education reforms in Australia. This presentation will report the findings from two university funded pilot projects and a national priorities pool project funded by the Department of Education and Training demonstrating the potential of a more personalised approach to supporting students throughout the student journey. Drawing on Kalsbeek’s 4Ps Retention Framework and the extended 5Ps Framework proposed by Wood et al (2016), the presentation will explore the strategies that can improve the transition, participation, retention and success of university students.

Through the lens of the 5Ps Framework, it is argued that improving student retention and success, requires: 1) engaging with prospective students prior to enrolment to help them to be better prepared for their transition into higher education; 2). ensuring that the promises made by the university through marketing and recruitment strategies are reflected in policies and procedures, the processes and the services available to support students, and match the reality of the student experience; 3). tailoring services to the profile of students, particularly those who are from low-SES backgrounds, located in regional locations, first-in-family, mature-aged and studying at a distance; 4). Ensuring university processes are designed to be usable and accessible to students from diverse backgrounds; and 5). Monitoring student progress in a proactive rather than reactive manner. And following up on students who fail to re-enrol.

The session will include opportunity to explore the strategies that can be implemented at the individual student and institutional level drawing on the three studies and a case study of the university wide implementation of the approach at CQ University. Participants will be invited to share their own experiences and discuss the potential of the approach within their own institutions. 

Professor Denise Wood is Engaged Research Chair and Director of the Centre for Regional Advancement of Learning, Equity, Access and Participation at CQ University. She has been awarded more than $7 million in research income over the last seven years focusing on participatory research involving people from special equity groups, especially young people with disabilities and those in regional and remote locations. She has authored/co-authored more than 120 peer reviewed journal publications, book chapters, conference papers and government reports, and she is a co-editor of two tier one books focusing on the affordances of educational technologies for supporting authentic learning and improving learning outcomes. She has been an assessor for the Australian Government’s former learning and teaching grants and awards, and she is an expert reviewer for the South African National Research Foundation and the United States National Science Foundation. Her work in innovative teaching and learning, and the design of inclusive strategies to maximise the success of students from special equity groups has been recognised with several awards including most recently, a Member of the Order of Australia Award for significant service to education as an academic, researcher and practitioner in the field of participation, inclusion and access.

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