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The School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy has had a broad range of Research Degree completions including:


Dr David Duong
Prevention of mental disorder injuries in the community services industry: developing emotional boundary management skills
Supervisors:  A/Prof Michelle Tuckey, A/Prof Phil Kavanagh,  Dr Renae Hayward

Dr Antony Fletcher
Discourses of the violent man
Supervisors:  A/Prof Lia Bryant, Prof Sarah Wendt



Dr Guilherme Bergo Leugi
The cultural determination of verbal behaviours: a functional account of the effects on individuals when reclaiming their Australian Aboriginal Language
Supervisors:  Prof Bernard Guerin, Dr Jonathan Crichton 

Dr Daniel Feuerriegel
Dynamic adaptation of the human visual system in object perception
Supervisors:  Dr Hannah Keage, Dr Owen Churches

Dr Lauren Holloway
Towards a general theory of creativity through metaphorical insight
Supervisors:  A/Prof Siobhan Banks, A/Prof Jill Dorrian, Dr Elissa Pearson, A/Prof David Cropley

Dr Alissa Knight
Comparing the effects of a Mediterranean dietary pattern verses a habitual Western dietary pattern on age related cognitive functioning in an Australian elderly population: a six month randomised controlled intervention trial
Supervisors:  A/Prof Janet Bryan, Dr Karen Murphy

Dr Bianca Rojas Cruz
Service use, access and barriers for indigenous peoples of Mexico requiring health and mental health support
Supervisors: Prof Bernard Guerin, Prof Kurt Lushington

Dr Jillian Ryan
What is the value of the giant panda as a flagship for species conservation in the Australian context
Supervisors:  Dr Carla Litchfield, Prof Tony Winefield, A/Prof Jill Dorrian

Dr Emily Watson
Sleep and cognitive performance in children after sugar consumption
Supervisors: Dr Mark Kohler, A/Prof Siobhan Banks, Dr Alison Coates

Dr Stephanie Webb
Heterosexual attitudes toward same-sex marriage: the influence of attitudes toward same-sex parenting
Supervisors:  A/Prof Phil Kavanagh, Dr Jill Chonody

Dr Amy Zadow
Psychological safety climate, safety performance and safety outcomes in healthcare; lagged relationships at the individual and group levels
Supervisors:  Prof Maureen Dollard, A/Prof Michelle Tuckey



Dr Kristina Birchmore
Understanding the impact of child sexual abuse in women's sexual lives: a discourse analysis
Supervisors:  A/Prof Nicole Moulding,  Dr Carole Zufferey

Dr Stephanie Centofanti
The Impact of split shifts and naps on sleep, performance and mood
Supervisors:  Dr Siobhan Banks,  A/Prof Jill Dorrian

Dr Cassie Hilditch
Sleep inertia during split duty schedules and following short night-time naps
Supervisors:  Dr Siobhan Banks,  A/Prof Jill Dorrian

Dr Claire Hutchinson
Balancing the needs of workers and organisations? Formal and informal flexibility in the South Australian public sector
Supervisors:  Prof Barbara Pocock, Dr Natalie Skinner

Dr Sharon Kwan
Workplace bullying in Malaysia: the role of psychosocial safety climate (PSC) in the secondary prevention of bullying
Supervisors:  A/Prof Michelle Tuckey,  Prof Maureen Dollard

Dr Kerry Lewig
Modelling the retention of child protection workers: A longitudinal study of job demands, job resources and personal resilience
Supervisors:  A/Prof Leah Bromfield,  Dr Sara McLean,  Prof Maureen Dollard, Prof Fiona Arney.

Dr Wesley McTernan
A long way from home: Investigation of work stress and remoteness in the mining industry. 
Supervisors:  Prof Maureen Dollard,  A/Prof Michelle Tuckey,  Prof Robert Joseph Vandenberg

Shanthi Ramanathan
Appropriate care for low back pain in Australia: evidence, expert opinion, current practice and patient perspectives
Supervisors:  Prof Bill Runciman,  Dr Wendy Lipworth

Dr Paula Rowe
The art of shredding: investigating the significance of heavy metal music and culture for youth identities and social transitions
Supervisors: Prof Bernard Guerin, Prof Kurt Lushington

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